The Success Formula, covering five separate and distinct areas, is based on just three very simple concepts:

1) Seek out and find the information.

2) Apply the information immediately. Knowledge without action is the same as no knowledge at all.

3) Be persistent.

Last issue, we looked at the fact that successful people seek out proven systems of success. A good system permits ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results, predictably. Without a system, however, even extraordinary people find it difficult to achieve even
ordinary results, with predictability.

Once you've found the system that will work for you, what's next? Actually, the next step is an imperative:

You've got it, now use it--and right away!

So many people sit on newly-found knowledge, waiting until the time is "just right" before utilizing it. Just right is right now. That's Success Formula Concept #2: Apply the information immediately.


Knowledge Is Power...
Or Is It?

If you refuse to read anything, you will keep yourself as ignorant as the person who cannot read. Likewise, having knowledge and not acting upon it renders worthless your "possession" of that knowledge. (I put "possession" in quotes, because if you don't act on knowledge, is it really true that you "have" it?)

Let's take a look at how this concept can help you succeed in your network marketing business.

Interesting thing about knowledge: while there's certainly nothing wrong with compiling as much of it for yourself as possible, just for its own sake, the sheer quantity won't make a whole lot of difference in terms of what you actually accomplish.

"What?!" you may say. "But, isn't it true that 'knowledge is power'?!"

Well, that's what they say...but it's not exactly true.

You can have an extraordinary amount of knowledge and still not accomplish a thing. Without applying that knowledge towards a certain end, absolutely nothing happens. It simply can't. (How could anyone call that "powerful"?) That knowledge--which when internalized through repeated action becomes wisdom--must be directed and acted upon. Action must be taken in order to move your current reality from where it is now to where you desire it to be.


Do Something--Anything!

Here's the good news: the action doesn't have to be perfect--it just has to be something.

Of course, better is better. The better you learn and adhere to your system, the quicker the results you desire will occur. But practically any action is better than no action at all!

So, you might ask, if someone wants success and has the system, why would he possibly not get started? Why delay?

One reason is fear. "What if it doesn't work? Then I'm really in trouble!" Or, "If I don't try it, I'll never have to go through the disappointment of discovering I can't do it."

While this will in fact work (if you never try, you'll never have to be disappointed), it is also a guarantee of zero chance of success.

Or, laziness. Learning a new system can take time; effort, too. (After already becoming a great champion, Tiger Woods found that learning a new approach required a learning curve--and actually set his game back for a while! One reason he's a champion is that he did it anyway--and now he's better than ever!)

We could come up with other reasons, too; but why bother? The point is, use the system--apply the new information immediately.

The best way to do this is to let your business mentor or coach take you through the new system by the hand. This way, you can receive immediate feedback, cut your learning curve dramatically, and realize the fruits of your labor in a lot less time than it would take otherwise.

But the most important thing is that you take that initial step. Begin now! Don't promise yourself, "Well, I'll start tomorrow...." Tomorrow never comes; it always turns into today--and you didn't promise to begin "today." Successful people do it now, because they know that if they don't, they could fall victim to "The Law of Diminishing Intent," which states: "The longer you wait to do something that you know you should do now, the greater the chances are that you will never actually get it done."

What's that? You say, you just need to wait until:

you have more have more receive your tax refund...your kid summer...
this fall...the winter...spring...
it feels right...the I Ching says it's propitious...the magic eight-ball says to move on it?

In his classic, The Science of Getting Rich, author Wallace Wattles writes, "Do not wait for a change of environment before you act. Cause a change of environment through action. You can act upon your present environment so as to cause yourself to be transferred to a better environment."

That sums it up perfectly.


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