I was recently explaining to someone the facts about job security (there isn't any) and he asked, "What are the options?" Good question.
What are some of the available pathways to financial security?


Five Million in the Bank

What could be easier? Just put five million dollars in the bank and live off the interest. At today's Jumbo CD rates, five million dollars would get you about $15,000 per month in interest income. I don't know about you, but I could get by on that.

Truth is, there are some people who could actually do this. Only problem is, you need $5 million to start with. For most of us, that's not going to happen...unless we


Win the Lottery!

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people whose plan for the future is to win the lottery. Oh, they may not openly admit it. They may not even consciously realize it. But that's their plan.

Some years ago I worked for a few months as a cashier at one of those convenient stores. I was amazed at the number of people who were lottery ticket regulars. Some played one particular game; some played a specific array of games with a fixed dollar amount that they would spend on each game. Virtually all were working class people who probably could have found many more productive uses for the money they were spending on their fantasy.

The sheer odds stacked against winning should be enough to deter any rational person from flushing money down the lottery john (apologies to JMF and JDM); I guess people do it because it gives them some measure of hope. What a sad waste of money, hope, and potential.

Surely, a better vehicle to financial security would be to


Work More Hours

Yes! Work more hours at your current job, then put away the surplus money for the proverbial rainy day. I'll bet you've known people who work every minute of overtime they possibly can; I have. And this might be a feasible long-term plan--if you could actually control the number of hours you work. The problem is, most people can't.

But even if you could, how long would it be before you burn out? Work, eat, sleep... work, eat, sleep...work, eat, sleep. Solution? Just take a nice, well-deserved vacation to rejuvenate the old batteries--oops! There goes the extra money you earned burning yourself out.

Now you're back to square one, so you


Get a Part Time Job

This scenario plays out much the same way as Working More Hours at your current job did, with one important difference. You'll probably never find a part-time job that pays as well as whatever you do full-time (if you do, you should probably do that full-time!)--so you end up working longer to amass the same amount of extra money you would by working overtime. That burns you out even more, requiring a longer, better vacation. So you not only spend the extra money you earned--you also run up the credit card balance!

Finding yourself back at good old square one again, but with more debt, you might decide to


Start a Conventional Business

Eureka! You'll seize control of your financial future by being your own boss. Then you'll never have to worry about job security again!

This is a step in the right direction--but before you get too excited, there are some pretty serious downsides to starting a conventional business.

There's the dollar investment required. You don't just wake up one morning, say, "I'm in business," and watch the world beat a path to your door (or Web site). "It takes money to make money" was coined with the conventional startup business in mind.

Then there's the time investment required. If you're in business, you are open 24-7-365. No matter where you are, what you're doing, or who you're with, you are "at work"--fretting over a better way to manufacture your widgets while at dinner with your family...worrying about meeting payroll while you're out with your spouse...there's always some burning issue cornering your mind while you try to focus on the rest of your life.

So you burn out again--only this time you can't take that nice vacation, because you have to "mind the store." At this point, if you're really fortunate, someone will invite you to learn about


Network Marketing

As a pathway to financial security, network marketing is the most viable alternative to the job. Network marketing offers virtually anyone the opportunity to control his or her own destiny and create financial security.

There are many outstanding network marketing companies and opportunities available--all different shapes and sizes for all different types of people. The most important thing to know is that there are a lot of ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary income levels in network marketing. There are even more who supplement their "regular" income by earning a few extra thousand dollars per month in residual income. There are also many, many cases of people who have lost their jobs and turned their part-time network marketing businesses into a new and very lucrative full-time career.

Maybe the lottery players out there should invest their ticket money in a network marketing business--where they control the outcome.

Maybe the overtimers and part-timers should invest that extra time in a network marketing business--where they control the hours they spend and where they spend them.

Maybe the conventional business people should invest some of their time and money in a network marketing business--where they can take vacations, because their network organization is also "minding the store."

And even those folks with the five million in the bank would do well to invest some time and money in a network marketing business--where they can show others how to rise to their full potential.

Pass the word.


BOB FORD is a network marketer who lives in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.