We are all looking to build an income stream that will survive our efforts--a business that will allow the royalty income to keep coming every month, whether or not we are out there making it happen. That's the essence of the unique residual-income economic value network marketing offers.

How do we create residual income? By building a network that can "take the lickings and keep on ticking." We need the troops to keep using, recommending and sponsoring every month--no matter what. The key to accomplishing that lies with the leaders.

Entire networks of distributors stay involved through thick and thin based on how connected they are to their upline leaders. Leadership and relationships are the glue that holds the organization together.

Keeping leaders is tough. By their very nature, leaders often need more than we have to offer. They are looking for their next challenge or frontier, for the place where they can be the leader. Leaders have strong opinions and egos. It is a lot easier to get into a fight with one of your leaders than anyone else. Fights lead to hurt feelings and parting company.

So how do we get it done? Here are some ideas.


RICHARD BLISS BROOKE is a veteran network marketer and author of Mach II With Your Hair on Fire!