The Roadmap to Success, which covers five separate and distinct areas, is based on three very simple concepts:

  1. Seek out and find the information.
  2. Apply the information immediately. Knowledge without action is the same as having no knowledge.
  3. Be persistent.

Over the next three issues of Networking Times, we'll carefully look at each of these three, one at a time, and discover how each can help you succeed in your network marketing business.


Seek Out and Find the Information

The very name, "Roadmap to Success," pretty much clues you in as to the direction we're going here: we're looking for your diamond mine. If you want to get to the diamond mine, you first see if there's a map with directions. In network marketing, we typically refer to this as "The System." If you follow the system (the Road Map) that has been put together and utilized by those who are already successful (where you want to be), there's a good chance you'll reach your goal, and reach it relatively fast--certainly much faster than you would without the system.

Why have systems proven to be such a key to network marketing success? What are the major benefits of a system?

I once heard someone explain it this way: "Systems permit ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results--with predictability. Without a system, even extraordinary people find it difficult to achieve even ordinary results with predictability."

Systems permit ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results, predictably. Wow! If that's true--and it's certainly proven to be, many times over--wouldn't you want to get your hands around that system?


The Brilliance of Being Unoriginal

Another name for "The System" or roadmap could be, "O.P.E.," which stands for "Other People's Experience."
If someone else has already done it, all you have to do is model, or duplicate, just what they did. Success is then "in the bag"--if you'll also follow concept two, applying the information, and three, being persistent.

While there are some people whose ego will not allow them to benefit from the knowledge of others, those who become truly successful are only too happy to do so. In fact, most will readily admit that that is exactly what they did. Probably the line that gets the biggest laugh at my live seminars is, "I've never had an original thought in my life!"

And here's the thing: I'm proud of that.

It's not that you can literally no longer be creative or have your own thoughts. It's that you realize that your creativity is built upon the fundamentals, the basic strategy--the roadmap to success. Before Michael Jordan was doing double twisted reversed slam dunks, he first learned from someone else--a coach--how to simply dribble a basketball.

In network marketing, typically, either the company or the various organizations of the upline will have and promote their own success system. This will usually include certain books, audio programs (both generic and company-specific), voice-mail teaching, personal mentoring, and regional and national conventions. What's best is to "plug into" this system and take advantage of the opportunity to do so 100 percent. It's wonderful to know that both the company, and your upline has a vested interest in your being successful; because of that, you can be assured that they want you following the best system possible.

One of the best examples of a successful system is McDonald's. There's a reason why people will join a waiting list, pay over a million dollars for a franchise and move their entire family to open one wherever it becomes available, knowing that they won't see a payoff for several years...and it ain't because the hamburgers taste so good!

It's the system.

McDonald's has a proven system--a roadmap--that basically says, "If you follow it, you will succeed." Of course, in network marketing, you get the benefits of a McDonald's franchise without paying the hefty fee, uprooting your family, and having to wait several years to become profitable.


Don't Be a Barbados McDonald's

Several months ago I was having dinner with some clients in Barbados, the night before giving a presentation there. As we dined and talked, I shared my "roadmap/system" analogy regarding McDonald's. After I explained this, a gentleman who lived there in Barbados spoke up:

"Bob, aside from the beauty of our island and the kindness of our people [both of which I found to be true, by the way], we have one other claim to fame: Barbados had the only McDonald's franchise that never even got off the ground. It failed within a very short period of time."

I laughed and replied, "Well, there goes that theory."

Without missing a beat, he responded, "Not at all. Everyone here knows what actually happened: the franchisees absolutely refused to follow the McDonald's system as they were directed."

What those ill-advised franchisees did was to directly go against a system that would most likely have made them rich!

Whether one directly resists following the system (roadmap) or simply fails to take actions for other reasons, the results will usually be the same: failure. That can be avoided, and success can be achieved when taking the right course of action.

And we'll get to that part
of the roadmap in the next issue.




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