Years ago, when we were corporate executives for Fortune 500 companies, it seemed we were always hiring new consultants with "the answer"--who knew the secret to creating teams where people really worked together with a sense of passion and vision. But over the years, we've had our share of teams that felt a lot more like work than play! We eventually created a four-step process that has allowed us to build an ideal organization, easily attracting inspired people who are passionately committed to our co-created vision.



Share your vision. Don't be afraid to talk about how you feel about your business and building an organization. Tell people why you got into this business; what got you excited about it. Be someone who always looks at what's working; someone for whom the glass is always full--no matter what is happening. Have you ever listened to someone who is truly on fire about something? That enthusiasm is contagious; people can feel it when you are genuinely passionate.



Your thoughts have a frequency; whatever you focus on is being transmitted--and like does attract like. If you worry about how you're going to create this ideal organization, people will feel that doubt. When you are talking to people about your vision and your amazing organization, let them know that you only want them to join if they really feel like a match to your vision and to the way you work. That you're not attached to what they decide. Trust that their inner guidance operates effectively.



Create a list of the traits you want in the people in your organization; be specific. Then share that with the people you talk with. Imagine the power of saying, "My ideal organization is filled with
people with these specific qualities."



Look at that list again; know the best way to find
people with those qualities? Start working on them in yourself. If you want motivated, fearless people, first ask, what are your own fears or doubts? Examine your beliefs, behaviors and patterns; if you find any that need shifting, make that your top priority.

Start with these four simple secrets--and you'll create a team that feels like playing!



are founders of the coaching
organizations, "Explode your Network Marketing and Business" and "Creating your
Ideal Organization!"