As a kid, did you say, "I want to go out and work," or did you say, "I want to go out and play?" Every day, while you sit in commuter traffic, I bet you say to yourself, "Wow, this is fun!" Is your job really that much fun? And who has more fun, the employee or the boss?

Most prospects want to forget how to work and remember how to play again. If they see two ads, which are they most likely to respond to: "Collect an extra paycheck while having fun!" or, "Serious business. Leaders wanted. Fortune 500."

Whenever you interact with prospects, you want them thinking, "This is a fun company, a fun team. Come join our team--we'll have fun! These leaders are fun people to be around. They are fun to play with."

Want to keep people from quitting? Forget serious! Make your business more fun! Make sure your people love what they do. Hold fun events. Travel together. Do weekend workshops where you build a sense of team. Have fun dinner banquets. Make phone calls together--it's more fun!

Want to get your group motivated? Forget cash. Instead, focus on fun.

If a distributor works hard, overcomes rejection, and wins a contest with a cash prize, here is what happens: he spends the cash on a credit card bill, a back car payment, groceries, or rent. Once paid, quickly forgotten. The cash reward gives no long-term

What if your contest's reward is not cash, but fun? Now things get interesting. People will work for cash--but they'll leap over tall buildings for fun. Fun breaks that vicious cycle of work...sleep... That's boring. That's what most people experience in their lives. So let's have a contest for our distributors.

What should we have as prize? How about a cruise! That brings up visions of fun, dancing, sun, pool, exotic locations, elegant dining, Las Vegas-style entertainment and a major break from the work...
sleep...etc. cycle. Your distributors dream of the cruise; they can't wait to go on the cruise; and they'll work hard and break through their limitations to go on that cruise.

But wait--there's more! Your cruise is a social event--so each distributor will want to be with their friends. They have extra motivation to include themselves into the group-bonding trip. They certainly don't want to be the one left at home, getting all the postcards from their friends--who were all telling them, "Come on--it's gonna be fun!"


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