To attain that bounteous level of success, you will need to understand the value of fun, games, laughter, and frivolity. You need to understand the value of play. You will need to see that as play increases so does the magnitude of success. But as play decreases (which means work increases)...well, that is simply too depressing to put into words. The conclusion: Stop working and start playing instead. Immediately!" (From The Lazy Way to Success, by Fred Gratzon)

Have you ever noticed how quickly children learn when they play together? How to lead, how to follow, how to get there faster, higher, better, smarter?

Have you ever noticed how teams of successful network marketers with a common goal (win that cruise!) have fun pushing, prodding, cajoling, checking in, leading, following, learning how to get there--faster, higher, better, smarter?

Geese fly in formation to ride on the currents of those in the front. We can be oh-so-much-more efficient if we do the same. Working in teams, moving into the lead when we feel strong, each of us can step in to encourage, support and cheer on our team members toward individual and collective goals. How much more fun it is to have a "buddy" or be a "team player" than to work alone!

Network marketing lends itself to playing on teams. After all, our business is built on relationships; just pick your venue. Phone gatherings? Internet connections? Home parties? Prospecting while you're hiking? Brown-bag lunch trainings? Where you have the most fun is where you're likely to have the greatest success. You've heard it before, "Do what you love and the money will follow."

Employed workers often share their plights of how hard they work. I know--I used to be one. We would try to outdo each other.

"You wouldn't believe what happened to me today; after weeks of working on X, Y happened. Now I have to cancel my life and work day and night for the next three weeks to fix the problem." "You think you've got a lot of work to do. Listen to my workload...!"

This just doesn't cut it in network marketing. Who wants to join your team if all you're doing is working hard all of the time? Of course, you need a focused plan and to work that plan to achieve your goals. But why not have fun doing it?

My business partner and I play a game with every business goal.

First move: A short process to make sure we don't have any hidden emotional blocks to achieving the goal.

Second move: Draw out our plans.

Third move: Play! Engage the prospects! Pass to my partner! Ball's back in my court--take it all the way...oh, missed! That was fun...maybe I shouldn't dribble so much and take the shot sooner. Next!




MARIAN HEAD is a Board member of Gabriel Media Group, Inc., and a networking leader; she has the distinction of serving as the first woman chair of her networking company's Associate Advisory Council, elected by her peers to represent hundreds of thousands
of distributors worldwide.