I realize this title sounds strange, but think about it. The highest-paid individuals in our society do just that: they go play every day. Nobody "works" baseball, football, hockey or golf. Actors earn huge sums of money for, not "working" a part, but playing a part in a movie...or in a play.

And even in the "serious" world of business, those who earn the most understand: they are playing the game of business.

Which makes you feel better: going to work, or going to play? In childhood, what messages did you receive about going to work? How you perceive your business makes a difference--and it can have a huge impact on your results.

Do you approach your daily tasks fearfully, struggling along, hoping to get lucky and produce the result you are looking for? Or do you joyously greet each new day as an opportunity to meet new people, deliver a valuable service and have lots of fun? It's true: success is a journey--not a destination. Successful people have found ways to make their business seem like play.

Am I suggesting that you goof off and shirk your responsibilities? Quite the contrary. I'm suggesting that you find ways to gain so much pleasure from what you're doing, to make it so much fun, that you can't wait to get to it each day. The joyous atmosphere this creates will draw success to you like a magnet. Just look at the most successful people you know: isn't it as if their success chases them?

As an independent business owner, you're in control of how you approach your business. How can you accomplish your daily tasks with fun and joy? What actions could you take--right now--that would feel more like play than work?

You might have a client meeting in a pleasant café instead of a dull conference room...have your team's next brainstorming session in the park...write your proposal at the zoo or beach. Continually ask yourself how you can have even more fun while moving toward your goals.

By shifting the way in which you approach your business, you will open yourself to more inspired actions. You will produce greater results, feel better about what you're doing, have more fun along the way, and reach your goals faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

The more fun you have, the more successful you will become. So go play!




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