Mastering Communication

"Communication" means building a connecting passage between your mind and the minds of others. Are the pictures in your mind in sync with who you are?

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Mini-reviews of Your Life as Art, by Robert Fritz, and How to Win Friends & Influence People, by Dale Carnegie "Leadership' struck out Quotations of famous thinkers on the nature of life and communication Trends and signs of these networking times.

Our Times
A panel of four guest editors on the question, "What is the essence of communication?"

A Holistic Income Opportunity

Michael Farmer
"What's your occupation? What occupies your thoughts and captures your heart? What gets you up in the morning with joy, anticipation and excitement?" Thus begins Farmer's treatise on the virtues of residual income--and why "wrong livelihood" may be hazardous to your health.

The Holy Grail

John Milton Fogg
What would you give to have the ultimate secret of networking, the answer to the network marketer's quest for the fountain of youth, silver bullet, gold-in-them-thar-hills of the profession? Here it is, says Greatest Networker in the World author Fogg: learning how to be a great coach.

It's the Big Dream Business

Robert T. Kiyosaki
"Big people have big dreams; small people have small dreams. If you want to change who you are, begin by changing the size of your dream." Best-selling Rich Dad Poor Dad author Kiyosaki points out one of the biggest values of our profession: networkers stress the importance of having and achieving big dreams--and helping others do the same.

Ten Tips for Power Communication

Jo Condrill
Ten beautifully articulated power tips: stop talking and listen; think before you speak; ask questions; anticipate distractions; be mindful of your volume and tone; handle disagreements with tact; be open to new ideas; take notes; watch your body language; eliminate "audible pauses."

I.Q. or O.Q.?

Pamela Thorne
"Learned optimism gives you the edge you need," says author Pamela Thorne, and she backs it up with research on the nature and performance patterns of optimistic people by Dr. Martin Seligman. The good news, says Thorne, is that optimism can be "learned"--and she shows you how.

The Two Hands of Abundance

Teresa Romain
You are like a dowsing rod: a finely tuned vessel with two branches: a desire-and-longing branch, and an appreciation-and-gratitude branch. If either one is missing in action, you'll wind up in a scarcity cycle. Keep them both humming, and you'll soon find the "well" of abundance.

Listening 101, 201, 301 and...

With more than 40 years of experience as an educator, therapist, business executive, and entrepreneur, Carol McCall has had an impact on the lives of several million people--including many in the network marketing profession. Carol's unique and extraordinary approach to the power of listening has revolutionized our conception and practice of the art of communication. In this interview, Carol speaks about such fundamental distinctions as "silence," "brevity" (her favorite word) and "listening to the music behind the words," and their power in achieving a deeper level of connection with people. She also offers a poignant view of how we start out in life as listeners and come to our own sense of value through not being heard--and what the world would look like if we made a concerted effort to stop the chatter and start truly listening.

Connecting at a Deeper Level

Larry Wilson came to national attention with the business best-seller he co-authored, The One- Minute $ales Person. He is one of the true pioneers of the personal growth and development industry--and perhaps more importantly, the one who brought the field legitimacy by taking his work to corporate America. A teacher turned insurance salesman, at age 29 he became the youngest lifetime member of the industry's prestigious Million-Dollar Round Table. His book Stop Selling, Start Partnering: The New Thinking About Finding and Keeping Customers provides a fresh approach for finding and keeping customers by developing powerful, long-lasting partnerships.

Vince and Mary Spader: A Farmer's Dream Lives On

After two decades in network marketing in America's heartland, Vince and Mary Spader saw their networking business boom--and realized that it was finally providing them the financial leverage they needed to fuel a big dream. Through unexpected tragedy and extraordinary vision, their success has grown to become something quite larger than itself.

Jett: Master of Massive Action

Growing up amidst the gangs, drugs and violence of South Central LA, Jett decided at an early age that he would transcend his environment and become a millionaire. He started with a telemarketing job (at age 15), where he failed to make a single sale in his first three months. Today he is his company's top achiever.

Hubert Krause and Seta Der Artinian: 100 Presentations Each Month!

Hubert Krause and Seta Der Artinian built a large network organization and helped their company conquer Europe--then had to take a sabbatical for health reasons. After a year and a half, they came back and did it all over again with a new company--stronger than ever.

Robert and Tina Slade: Act Locally--Succeed Globally!

When Robert and Tina Slade began their networking business, crushing debt and a leaky radiator imprisoned them within a one-hour radius. Turns out, it was a blessing in disguise: their grassroots approach has produced stellar success and a phenomenal retention rate in their network.

You've Got to Get Tough!

Steve Siebold
"Let's be honest," says Siebold: "network marketing is a business you can learn over lunch. As with most businesses, the real game is won or lost between the ears." And what's between the ears, says master presenter Siebold, is a mindset of toughness, an appreciation that the path to victory lies through struggle.

Who is Your Model Prospect?

Sandra Maggio
The biggest value of your contact list lies in all the referrals you can accrue through the people you know. And nothing helps the people in your sphere of influence help you better than your giving them a clear picture of who it is you're looking for.

Superstar Networkers

Bob Burg
True power networkers have two overarching qualities: they are masters of giving, and masters of connecting. Burg paints a vivid picture of two types of "givers" who are not true givers at all, and walks you safely through the giver's paradox: giving without thought of gain, while knowing that you will.

Are Your Prospects Listening?

Tom Schreiter
When Tom Schreiter looked into his e-mail to find out which were the most popular features of his e-newsletter, he got a shock: his readers weren't interested in the same things he was. Don't let the hilarity fool you: there's golden wisdom in this master marketer's observations.

What's Their Selling Style?

Dawn Siebold
Have you ever had an approach work beautifully in one appointment--and fail miserably in the next? It will help to realize that there are three distinct "sales environments"--which translate into three selling styles. And this is not a one-size-fits-all business.

Can You Say the B Word?

John David Mann
If you've heard the expression, "Watch what I do, not what I say," forget it. What you say is a powerful force: it helps to create what you do--and what you don't. Do you talk "to" people or "with" people? There's a difference.