To locate underground water for digging wells, old-timers used a fascinating device called a "divining rod," which is simply a forked, slingshot-shaped stick. The divining rod would respond and vibrate whenever water was present; By using divining rods, well diggers increased their chance of finding water before actually digging, thus saving time, energy and expense. It's a mysterious thing--but it works. People still use this method today.

In much the same way, you can function as a human divining rod for locating unseen sources of abundance in your networking business and in life. By using yourself to recognize when a source of abundance is near, you can begin "digging"--confident that there's a good chance you'll find the "water" you desire.

Just like its aquatic counterpart, an abundance divining rod has two branches: one formed by gratitude and appreciation, the other by longing and desire. If both branches are operating in your life, you will be an effective abundance divining rod; but if either branch is inactive or missing, you instead become a diving rod for scarcity!


The Desire-Only Imbalance

Let's say you're burning with longing and desire, when it comes to your business and your life. You can't wait to quit your current job. Your "vision board" is filled with pictures of your dream house, your dream car, and vacation spots you want to visit. You can't wait till you're making $5000 a month, or $50,000. You long for the time freedom a residual income will provide you.

If this describes you, then your longing-and-desire branch is solidly in place. But if it is not complemented by an active gratitude-and-appreciation branch, then those same longings and desires will result only in greater levels of struggle, frustration and scarcity.

For example, your intense longings and desires could lead to your feeling pressure in your business. You may become desperate, overwhelmed by all that you think you need to do in order to achieve your goals and dreams. The clarity and intensity of your longings and desires may result in your thinking that whatever you're presently doing (and earning) is not good enough.

Ironically, instead of motivating or inspiring you to succeed, the clarity of that single longing-and-desire branch seems only to serve as a reminder that you have not achieved your goals, that you are not where you want to be, that you do not have what you want to have. Instead of supporting abundance, your longings and desires, by themselves, serve to remind you that you are not abundant or successful!

Because your gratitude-and-appreciation branch is missing, your business actions may be inconsistent and unfocused. You start responding to the pressure and overwhelm by not taking actions--you don't prospect people, you don't follow up. You procrastinate--then beat yourself up, feel guilty and begin to doubt your commitment, your company, your products, and/or your networking opportunity. All these patterns, of course, result in less abundance, which perpetuates more fear that you won't achieve what you long for and desire, so you feel more pressure ... and the cycle of scarcity continues.


The Appreciation-Only Imbalance

What about when your gratitude-and-appreciation branch is active, but your longing-and-desire branch is not? This is just as negative.

Sometimes this occurs when you find yourself saying that you are so grateful for what you have, love your life and wouldn't want to change a thing, or already have everything your want or need. It sounds great, but lurking within the appreciation is complacency.

Without a longing-and-desire branch, there's little motivation to find a source of "water"--in fact, there's no reason to do so: you're comfortable. Without longing and desire, there's no forward momentum, no growth--no change. Thus, the abundance you have is less than it could be--and starts, in time, to diminish.

Why "diminish"? Because the very nature of abundance is that it is always growing and expanding. Without longing and desire to propel you in new directions, any abundance you have in your life will stagnate. Everything in nature is either growing or dying. The same is true of abundance--and it is your longing-and-desire branch that fuels your growth and directs you toward a new source of abundance.

It is only by keeping your longings and desires present in your thoughts and actions, while simultaneously acknowledging, respecting and being grateful for the abundance that you currently enjoy, that your actions, beliefs and results will begin to change. It is only when you move toward your longings and desires from a place of abundance (not from a lack of abundance) that you will be inspired, motivated and creative in ways that will empower and support you to access the next level of abundance in your life.


The Habit of Balance

If either of these two branches is missing for you, or even if at times both are missing, take heart! You can become a divining rod of abundance! It's simply a matter of developing the habit of balance, of actively using both branches of your divining rod.

The next time you look at your vision board or think about your longings and desires, make sure you also spend a few minutes recognizing and expressing gratitude and appreciation for the abundance you already have in your life. And likewise, the next time you find yourself appreciating the abundance that is currently within and around you, also take a few minutes to imagine or dream about the next level of abundance you desire.

Then, when your divining rod of abundance starts vibrating, you'll know that a new source of abundance is nearby--so start digging!




is founder of Access Abundance
an organization dedicated to helping people access greater levels of
abundance, freedom and fulfillment in their daily lives. She lives with her husband, Dan, in the small town of Baraboo, Wisconsin.