A fair maiden held a bejeweled, golden grail in both her hands. She was beautiful, gracious and splendidly garbed, and as she entered with the grail in her hands, there was such a brilliant light that the candles lost their brightness, just as the stars do when the moon or the sun rises." -- Chretién de Troyes, Perceval ou Le Conte du Graal, 1188

You know the legend of the Holy Grail. Very many myths rolled into one, from Joseph of Arimathea to King Arthur to Harrison Ford's Last Crusade as Indiana Jones. "No other myth is so rich in symbolism, so diverse and often contradictory in meaning. And at its core there exists a secret, which has sustained the mystical allure of the Grail for the last 900 years...." The Holy Grail: Its Origins, Secrets & Meaning Revealed, by Malcolm Godwin.

That "secret" is the essence of the enduring hold the Holy Grail has on people's dreams and aspirations. Find it, and you're set for life--perhaps even eternal life.

There's a Holy Grail for every different realm of life and work on Earth, the "silver bullet" that, when found, will bestow upon the finder the secret of the ultimate success of the quest. Millions, billions; love and luck; happiness and fulfillment of any and all shapes and size ... somewhere, there's The Grail for you.

Well, I've found the Holy Grail in networking.

And because I have this divine disease that whenever I learn something wonderful I simply cannot help myself from sharing it with everybody, I'm going to show (and tell) you what it is.

First, a caveat: this Holy Grail is not your daddy's
Holy Grail (not even Indy's daddy's)--if your "daddy" is a screaming old-school sales pro, a manipulative hustling-hypester, a slam-bam "throw 'em up against the wall and see who sticks," dialing for dollars, heavy-hitting business-building machine. This is the Holy Grail of networking "for the rest of us."

Imagine, for a moment, if you could learn one thing--and really, truly, just one--that would allow you to be:


A Masterful Prospector

... the kind of man or woman who attracts people the way Bill Gates does money. Who can talk with anyone, anytime, confidently, compassionately and have them feel special and appreciated--even if they say "No." A person who embodies what is best and brightest about our profession. And, a networker who has nine out of every 10 people he/she talks to become customers or business partners, because they really, really want to; and


A Superb Upline

... one who nurtures, guides, supports, persuades, teaches, trains, motivates--all effortlessly--and does it much, much more by show than by tell. One whose team business-building skills are truly superior. One who seems to be prepared for any and every challenge, and handles each with grace, ease, fun and consistent success; and


A Leader

...an inspiration; a down-to-earth rock of responsibility and accountability. A person always to be counted on. Always available, appreciative, acknowledging. An empowering presence who goes before and shows the way. A visionary, servant leader.

Seem like a dream? I mean, what one thing could deliver all of that? But if you could have it--id est: d) All of the above--would you take it? Here it is:



Terri Levine wrote: "Coaching is allowing the other person in his own greatness to come up with his own solutions, his own answers; those solutions--the other person's solutions, not yours--may arise out of the questions, observations and suggestions you offer as a coach."

Got a better description of being a masterful prospector?

"There was a great Washington Redskins coach who won a bunch of Super Bowls. At his funeral, one of the players talked about what made him a good coach: he got players to win ball games they didn't even believe they could win. That's one of our jobs as coaches: to get players to win ball games they don't even believe they can win. You've got to stretch people more than they want to be stretched." -- Brian Klemmer

"A Coach expands the possibilities a player has. This provides a player or team with a capacity to take new actions that would not be available without the Coach." -- Chris Majer

How's that for being a superb upline?

As for leadership (which is all about begetting other leaders):

"To teach somebody how to be a leader, you're going to have to teach them to think differently. They're going to need new viewpoints, new lessons in life to help them see things differently. That's what I think a coach has to do." -- Tom Schreiter

And this from Richard Brooke:

"If you're someone who wants to break out and do something extraordinary that you would not do on your own initiative, you better have a coach--and you better have a great one."

Isn't that what every single man and woman who joins us in networking wants most--to "do something extraordinary" with this business? It's sure what all my prospects want.

Mea culpa. I am on a tear about coaching. Even wrote a book on it: How To Be a Great Coach. It's not only a hip marketing idea ... it's the truth! If there's one and only one thing you could learn now that would have the greatest positive impact on your performance and success, it's coaching.

It is the Holy Grail of networking.

Quest over. Now you've found it, too.




JOHN MILTON FOGG is author of The Greatest Networker in the World. You can check out what John is up to with coaching at: