Communication is one of my favorite areas, both personally and professionally. It is also one of the most critical. Communication makes or breaks all relationships and partnerships. That is why I've invested over $40,000 in my communication education towards my efforts to hone my skills, deepen my knowledge and become a more effective, productive, and clear communicator.

Carol McCall, founder of the Institute for Global Listening and Communication, once said, "Because listening, not speaking, is the nucleus of communication, I came to realize that for most human beings, feeling listened to and understood was as primal a need as food and self-preservation."

In most cases, "communication" consists of one person listening with an agenda, opinion or reaction while the other person is speaking. The typical "listener" is not listening, but getting his guns ready for his rebuttal; all true communication with the other person--indeed, all being with the other person--dissipates. It's like two ships passing in the night with no connection. The interaction becomes mere talking, which has no power to create and feels shallow: the lights are on, but nobody's home. We've all experienced feeling unheard and what follows inevitably: not being appreciated, honored or respected.

The essence of communication conveys a sense of appreciation, honor and respect. Think of how you feel when someone cuts you off while driving. Perhaps you get angry and even yell, your adrenaline kicking you into fast-reaction mode to avoid having an accident. Then, after a bit, you slow down and center yourself into driving again. It's no different when we are cut off in communication; it feels mentally and emotionally like a slap in the face, and it tends to kick you into a reactive, adrenaline-based mode, which is as different from real communication as can be.

In true communication, it feels like two people are in harmony and actually blended to become one presence; this is a very sacred and attuned place to be--and in that place, one is deeply heard.

I invite you to invest in your own education and development to become a compassionate, responsive and authentic human being who holds communication and listening as the backbone of your existence. It is the greatest gift we can ever give each other.



( is an author, coach, and corporate trainer for network marketing professionals.