You Lost My Vote

You say you are "moving the heart of business." If Hillary Clinton became associated with the company I am with, I would have to strongly consider moving my heart--and the rest of me--elsewhere.

If you want to make a point, please do so with someone who actually has a heart ... and at least a shred of ethics. This industry has enough problems.

--Michael D. Smith


Mr. Smith is referring to a notice in the March issue which bore the headline, "If Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey got into network marketing, would you be willing to bet against them reaching the top? No, because they all have one thing in common: they are all mentally tough."



"Leadership" Struck Out

I was heartbroken last night after picking up the March [Leadership] issue of Networking Times. After scanning it, I repeated to myself in disbelief, "Oh, no, not you, too!"

You have completely struck out with this issue. Though you have succeeded in washing your magazine of any advertiser or company content, with this issue you have utterly failed to scrub it of its Republican-Christian content.

With this issue you are Grossly [sic] insensitive. Yet so is our President--so your endorsement of him makes sense.

Three strikes and you're ....

One: In your "News to Use" section at the beginning, you quote a Gallup Poll naming Bush the most admired man in 2002. You're thinking, "We're not saying it, it was USA Today and CNN saying so." But you're printing it--and thereby endorsing this child and his tantrums.

I found this outrageously perplexing, especially in an issue whose theme is leadership! It is a very poor sell, guys. We have a leadership meltdown in this country. From the top to the bottom, our leaders are failing us. When I read "Leadership" on the cover, I hoped your magazine would fill the void. Instead, you disappeared into it.

Two: At any other time, your article equating Christ and networking would be an interesting study. But at present, as our government is orchestrating a massacre against the women and children of a third-world, mostly-Muslim country, the placement of such an article in this month's issue is simply galling! Are you secretly hoping to "open up" Iraq for soap, and magnets, and nutritionals ... and crusades?

Three: Like you, Kim Klaver also safely hides her idolatry of Bush in someone else's quotes. Reading "a most respected world leader" and "one of the top presidents in history" makes me question which planet she lives on.

I love my country, not the drones running and ruining it. Bush is anathema to the self-development principles of network marketing. One spreads fear, the other encourages us to release it. To be a leader you must be in control of yourself first. That counts Bush out.

My heart is broken. You have imploded on yourself. You may be "moving the heart of business." But this issue is brain dead. I want my eight dollars back.

--William Scott Bayha


P.S. I know Clinton was also on that most admired list. You can have him, too!


The "News" item Mr. Bayha refers to reprinted the Gallup organization's annual list of the ten men and ten women Americans say they admired most during the last year.

2002's "ten most admired men" were (in order of priority): George W. Bush; Jimmy Carter; Colin Powell; Pope John Paul II; Bill Clinton; (Rev) Billy Graham; Nelson Mandela; Al Gore; Ronald Reagan; Denzel Washington.

2002's "ten most admired women" were (again, in order of priority): Hillary Clinton; Oprah Winfrey; Laura Bush; Barbara Bush; Margaret Thatcher; Jennifer Lopez; Elizabeth Dole; Condoleeza Rice; Maya Angelou; Madeleine Albright.

The item also noted: "The percentage of Americans who name Bush the most admired man has dropped since last year, but he still gets one of the highest vote totals for any man on this measure in Gallup's polling history."--Ed.


John Milton Fogg replies:

I've been called all manner of things in my life and career, but this is the first time I've had the distinction of being a Christian-Republican.

I was the one who selected the "News to Use" item. My reason for including it was that when I read it, I said, "Wow! That's fascinating!" A "makes-you-think" sort of thing. Simply put, I was amazed--no, blown away!
by the names on these "most admired" lists; I thought our readers would be, too. Were I to create my own most admired list, it would certainly have a very different shape to it.

With hindsight (and clearly, Mr. Bayha thinks my behind is the perspective from which I normally view the world), it would have been fun to poll our readers and create a Networking Times' "Top 10 Most Admired" list. Heck, if Bush and Clinton made Gallup's, maybe I have a shot of making ours.


To China With Love

Just have to tell you that we took such pride in reading your article [The Heart of Business: "To China With Love; Cathy Lok and Joel Singer: Changing Lives in China" April issue]. We are just amazed that someone could ever put words together and make everything sound so smooth and beautiful, like a great movie or a wonderful melody. In Chinese, we called this, "Flowers bloom from your magic pen." You have done such an exceptional job; you've truly lighted up our "mission." Thank you! May your mission be blessed with all the best in life.

--Cathy Lok


Send to a Friend

I just love the "send to a friend" feature on your Web site, since I tell everyone in our network marketing business about your incredible magazine! Haven't missed an issue. And I'm so glad that you went monthly, because I would just try to savor it and let it stretch over two months! Sounds silly, I know. I come from NML [Network Marketing Lifestyles] magazine days, which I did enjoy, but I love the journal size of the new magazine, and the incredible information, chock full, cover to cover.

--Mary Mele


I just want to say thank you for providing us with great tools for us to use in marketing and in continued knowledge of our industry. You all are doing a fabulous job in helping us make our work easier and our dreams come true. Keep up the good work!

--JoAnn Somerville