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100 Presentations Each Month!

Hubert Krause and Seta Der Artinian Teach By Doing

By Uma Sackett

Presentations Each Month!

Hubert Krause and
Seta Der Artinian
Teach By Doing

By Uma Outka

Hubert and Seta

Hubert Krause was in Chicago on business from Montreal in 1988, when a friend invited him to a network marketing presentation. Hubert had been in commercial real estate for 12 years and was embroiled in a legal battle over some unpaid commissions.

"I was open-minded," he recalls, "and ready for a change. I saw the potential right away--and I signed up on the spot."

Hubert experienced quick success, he says, in part because he never doubted for a moment that it could be done.

"It went fast because of sheer enthusiasm."

Later that year, Seta Der Artinian attended one of Hubert's trainings. Of Armenian origin and living in Egypt, Seta was educated in French. In 1976 she immigrated to Canada and was living with her mother and her 11-year old daughter following a divorce. She spoke only limited English at the time.

"I knew nothing about network marketing. One day, a good friend of mine invited me to a meeting and wanted my business opinion. I was flattered. I had never worked in my life because my background was very different from the North America style of women who are liberated and free. The meeting was in English, but I understood one thing: I could make money here with no big investment. All I needed was people--and I had lots of contacts."

Hubert became Seta's mentor for the next two years and helped her reach her first big goal: sending her daughter back to private school.

Then, their relationship grew into something more--and so did the company. Hubert was...

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