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April 2003    
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Bob Proctor
Lead Story:
Bob Proctor

Sandy Botkin
Nt Interview:
Sandy Botkin

Cathy Lok and Joel Singer
Heart of Business:
Cathy Lok and Joel Singer

Laura Kaufman
Master Networker:
Laura Kaufman

LEAD STORYSubscriber Only
How Money Does (And Doesn’t) Work
John Milton Fogg
A Conversation with Bob Proctor, Publisher of Networking Times
“I was earning quite a bit of money, but didn’t really know what I was doing. I was winning—but I was unhappy, because I had nothing to share: I couldn’t tell you how to win.” Thus began the extraordinary career that has led Proctor to become one of the world’s foremost authors and speakers on the “science of success.”

Why You Should Retire Rich
John Milton Fogg
A Conversation with Sandy Botkin, author of Lower Your Taxes— Big Time: Wealth Building, Tax Reduction Secrets from an IRS Insider
Nobody knows more about how to manage the financial affairs of network marketers—and how to maximize your business for earnings and savings—than Sandy Botkin, who shares key strategies no networker can afford to ignore.

Cathy Lok and Joel Singer: Changing Lives in China
Each year, acupuncturist Cathy Lok and her husband Kai, a surgeon-acupuncturist, join Dr. Joel Singer, a plastic surgeon (and their network marketing upline) for a trip to China to offer free medical care to kids who otherwise would never be treated.

Laura Kaufman: I Was Resisting Being Exceptional
Laura Kaufman combined a love of art with an entrepreneurial talent to create an art gallery for corporations. It was success—at a price. Feeling the approach of burnout, Laura was ready and open for a new opportunity.

Cathy Barber: This Is the Partnership BusinessSubscriber Only As a retail and marketing executive, Cathy Barber commuted three hours a day, starting at 5:30—a brutal schedule for the young mom. Today that’s all changed.

Roger Campbell: How Bad Do You Want It?Subscriber Only With no car, no phone and a marriageunder strain, all Roger and Margaret Campbell wanted was an extra $500 a month. What they got was a brand new life.

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