Become the Leader
Think of one person in your profession, one leader who stands head and shoulders above everyone; that is the person you want to model.
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Mini-reviews of Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman, and Word-of-Mouth Marketing, by Jerry R. Wilson • Kudos for Bob Proctor's “Moral Compensation” • Trends and signs of these networking times.
A panel of three guest editors on the question, “Are great leaders born—or made?”
Getting Leadership Results
Tom Schreiter
The only difference between leaders and distributors is how they think. In every situation or problem, a leader will think differently than a distributor. If you can train your distributor to think differently when problems, challenges, or situations arise, then you’ll have a fully-trained leader.
Follow the Leader
John Milton Fogg
Strong leadership is only one side of the coin; the other is strong followership. John Fogg illustrates the relationship between the two with a set of stories.
Set Your Boundaries
Sonia Stringer
In this be-your-own-boss business, networkers often put up with all sorts of loosely-boundaried behavior that would never fly in a corporate or conventional business setting. A necessary part of the business? Absolutely not, says Springer; in fact, setting boundaries can be a key strategy for building a strong organization.
Flying Lessons
Gary Coxe
“Mental vertigo” is what happens when an airplane pilot loses his sensory orientation and needs to rely on instruments. When it happens in your life, says certified pilot and renowned success coach Coxe, you need to rely on your beliefs, goals and pictures of success.
This is the Year It’s Gonna Happen!
Teresa Romain
You can almost taste it and feel it—this is the year it’s all going to happen for you…or is it? It can be, says Romain, if you shift your underlying context. Instead of focusing on what you have to do in your business, focus on what characteristics you need to be to be truly successful; such qualities might include courage, creativity, consistency, a fun or playful spirit, gratitude, discipline, generosity, openness and a focus on possibility and abundance.
The Networking Parent
Julie Abarzua
We all want the same basics for our children. Yet too often, it just doesn’t happen the way we want—and so many of our children are growing up to go out into the world woefully unprepared for the challenges and demands they will face. Why? The simple answer, says Julie Abarzua, is time. Don’t buy the myth of “quality time,” says Julie; as her own story beautifully illustrates, successful parenting takes quantity time.
Leading Lady
Rita Davenport is a woman who walks her talk—and her talk is no mean thing. An award-winning speaker and best-selling author, for 15 years Ms. Davenport produced and hosted her own award-winning television show and produced a cable television show entitled “Strategies for Success,” which was viewed in over 32 million homes. On her show, Rita had the opportunity to interview celebrities and leaders from all walks of life and accomplishment. In 1988, Rita joined a network marketing company. Starting with zero network marketing experience, a starter kit and unstoppable faith and confidence, within six months she had climbed to the company’s number one spot in sales and sponsoring. Not long afterward, she was invited by the company’s CEO to step into the President’s chair, where she has sat, or stood, ever since. She continues today to inspire, motivate and train others to transform their lives.
Leadership = Influence
“Everything rises and falls on leadership,” says Dr. John C. Maxwell—and that philosophy has since motivated every aspect of his extraordinary career. A cutting-edge entrepreneur, best-selling author (of over 30 books, with more than three million copies sold), and dynamic speaker, Dr. Maxwell has cultivated an extensive following that includes the most highly respected and influential business leaders across the globe. He is committed to developing leaders of excellence and integrity by providing the finest resources and training for personal and professional growth.
Joyce Oliveto: How One Child’s Sadness Created a Miracle
Joyce Oliveto was giving a talk on health and nutrition to fourth-graders when she noticed a shabbily-dressed boy sitting by himself, shunned by the other kids. “He had hurt in his eyes,” she thought. More than a decade later, she has used her exceptional success in networking to create an 80-acre retreat for underprivileged children.
Jesus, The Original Networker
Doug Firebaugh and his upline, Ben Johnson, were noticing how closely the seminal truths of networking echo the lives and teachings of Biblical leaders. Joined by Bill Pike and legendary media figure Ben Kinchlow, the four created an enterprise called “The Original Networker.”
Kathy Aaron: Her Life’s Purpose is Others’ Success
After 13 years of working around the clock in the Dallas real estate market, Kathy Aaron was financially secure—and nearly burned out. Returning home from a much-needed vacation, Kathy realized that she could never go back—but what could she do instead?
Brian Carruthers: "I'm Living My Future"
Fresh from college, Brian Carruthers joined his father’s commercial real estate business. He excelled, and he was almost immediately a stellar success. Only problem was, he had no time freedom. He soon learned about network marketing, and that’s when he stepped into his future.
Do You Have the Mental Toughness?
Steve Siebold
Once you’ve found the right company, sponsor and upline team, your success is no longer about them—it’s about you. The only question becomes, are you mentally tough enough to hang in there and make your dream come true?
Gratitude in Reverse
Bob Burg
The best way to cultivate new connections is to focus on giving to others before expecting anything in return—right? Right…except when the exact opposite works better! Master networker Burg takes a fascinating page from the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin to illustrate how asking a favor can serve to strengthen, not weaken, a relationship.
Increase Your “Net” Income
RoseMarie Reid
“Many people approach the Internet as if it were a giant genie just waiting to jump out of the PC lamp and instantly fulfill their every wish; nothing could be further from the truth.” Internet entrepreneur RoseMarie Reid offers, explains and illustrates five key tactics for making money on the
Networking Fact and Fiction
Rod Cook
“My friends and family keep trying to get me to join MLM deals that look like pyramids.” Industry analyst Rod Cook provides a model essay on what distinguishes an illegal (and unethical) pyramid from a genuine opportunity.
Sell Like the Pros…
Dawn Siebold
Major corporations have spent millions of dollars in research money testing a proven system known as the “Linked Sequential Sales Process.” Sales master Dawn Siebold gives an overview of this industry trade secret, how it works and how you can have it work for you.
Stop, Look, Listen
John David Mann
There is so much advice, so many lists of “proven principles,” such a bewildering variety of teaching and wisdom on how to become and be a leader…how can one person possibly absorb it all, let alone remember it? When all is said and done, here’s how: a simple three-word commandment that sums up all the rest.