The Internet is rife with get-rich-quick schemes. The truth of these questionable enterprises is much like any too-good-to-be-true scams: the only people who make any money with this promised “instant success” are the ones who send off the first e-mails.

There is no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme; yet the question remains: Can one make good money, even become independently wealthy, through using the Internet?

The good news today is that the answer is a resounding yes!

There are five key tactics to making money on the Internet—and they all revolve around good old-fashioned business sense. Let me share them with you.


1. Insist on Quality

When you join an online program, the first thing to realize is that you are lending that program your reputation. You’ve spent a lifetime building this reputation, don’t throw it away on smoke and mirrors!

Instead, invest your reputation in something that is real, something you can be proud to be associated with. Something that you could offer your brother or your mother—without blushing.

Take the time to check out very carefully any program or opportunity you are considering. Who are the people behind the scenes? Are they men and women of integrity? You should be more concerned about whether they pass your due diligence test than whether you qualify for their program.


2. Practice Patience

If you need to earn money to make this month’s mortgage payment, the Internet is not the place for you. Many people have been damaged by the false promises made by faceless men and women whose only goal it was to make money—your money.

It is certainly true that healthy amounts of money can be made in short periods of time online, but this would be the exception rather than the rule. It almost seems that the more you need money, the more it eludes you. Therefore, be prepared to make small steps in the right direction, rather than a giant leap into a financial abyss.

Remember: Each program or opportunity you join comes with costs. Some cost money, some cost time and effort. All cost something.


3. Follow Up

Statistics prove that the average prospect, the person who has expressed interest in your program, must hear your message over seven times before they’ll join you. The same statistics also show that most people don’t stay with a program for seven weeks.

If you want to build an online business and make a successful future for yourself, you must follow up. Build a relationship with each person who expresses interest in your product or service.

Building relationships with your future members or partners is one of the most important facets of networking. Only by successfully building (and maintaining) relationships can you build a successful network and, ultimately, a successful and prosperous business that benefits all participants.


4. Give, Then Receive

Many people approach the Internet as if it were a giant genie just waiting to jump out of the PC lamp and instantly fulfill their every wish. Nothing could be further from the truth. The vast number of users and the diversity of people make the World Wide Web a great place to be, buy and sell—but the road map that most successful marketers follow is to give first, then receive.

Take the time to answer questions and offer free information via e-mail or your Web site. No matter what your product or service, you will have more success by giving first before receiving, rather than by trying to reverse the formula.


5. Think Long-Term

The fact is, whether you are just dabbling in a few “click-through” programs or seriously building a lasting business, time is going to pass either way. Get time on your side by using it—which means, planning for it. Think long term.

Whether you are beginning a new venture or attempting to breathe life back into your current one, commit to doing things by the book Begin today by choosing only the best, most solid business practices and tactics in your online venture—which means, those that in your view will bring about long-term success.

There are proven paths to success on the Internet. If you follow the path of those who have successfully gone before—if you


• commit to quality;
• stay patient and diligent;
• follow up and build relationships;
• give to receive;
• and think long-term;

—then you will find success in abundance knocking at your door.



( is a
networker who lives and works at her home in Switzerland for half of each year—and her home in Australia the other half—with her husband Ray, whom she married 30 years ago, over her parents’ objections, after the two had been pen pals for four years.