You’re in a wonderful profession. You’re involved with a company that provides you the opportunity to experience abundance in your life in ways you’ve never experienced before…and this is the year it’s all going to happen. You can almost taste it and feel it—this is the year it’s all going to start happening.

Right? Great! But…really now: why? What’s going to make this year be any different than last year…or the year before that? What’s going to make this year any more abundant? Is it because this year you’re actually going to make those phone calls every day? Is it because this year you’re going to go to all the trainings and meetings? Is this the year you’re going to spend some more money on your business…participate in an ad campaign…purchase a leads list and implement a new autoresponder? Is it because this is the year you’re really going to work your business—no kidding?

Now, don’t get me wrong: doing any or all of those things would be great and very well could lead to different results—if you actually did them. But my experience in coaching hundreds and hundreds of networkers like yourself tells me that unless you shift the context within which you’ll be taking all those actions, it’s unlikely that you’ll do them at all—or at least, not consistently.


Shifting Your Context

There is an implicit posture in all those wonderful commitments and resolutions. If you have a renewed commitment or resolve to talk to “x” number of people a day, to make “x” number of follow-up calls each day, to enroll “x” number of new associates and/or to make “x” dollars a month, then you are likely operating from a belief that you have to do something in order to be abundant. The general formula most of us know for abundance is that we have to do something in order to have something so that we can be abundant.

Notice: all the commitments or resolutions above are about doing: talking to people, making calls, enrolling distributors, making money. While all these actions are a necessary part of any successful networking business, if you think you need to do these in order to be abundant—then your starting point is scarcity.

If your focus is on what you have to do in order to have whatever you need to be abundant—then being abundant is something that will occur in the future after you do it all and have it all. Thus, your current state is one of scarcity or “not-enoughness.”

As I’ve said before, you wouldn’t expect an apple tree to grow from an orange seed. If your starting point or your seed is scarcity, what can you possibly expect to grow from that seed? If you want to grow an “abundance tree,” then it’s essential that you start with an “abundance seed.” Your starting point must be abundance. This can happen only if you shift your formula for operating in life—your context.

Rather than operating according to the Do-Have-Be mode I’ve just described, you need to create a new “operating system” that takes its starting point from a seed that is abundant. You need to replace Do-Have-Be with a Be-Have-Do approach!


This is the Year I’m Gonna Do It Be It Differently!

In the Be-Have-Do approach, the taking of the action is merely a response to or expression of the abundance already within and around you.

Using this approach, you may well find that you don’t procrastinate as much as you used to, nor are you overwhelmed as much by all that needs to be done. You’ll probably find that you actually get a lot more done than you did when you were thinking that you needed to do those things in order to be abundant or successful.

Consider this possibility: instead of focusing on what you need to do today, this month or this year to be abundant, what if you focused on being abundant first?

You see, a person who is authentically abundant displays certain qualities and characteristics—all of which you also already possess. These qualities include courage, creativity, consistency, a fun or playful spirit, gratitude, discipline, generosity, openness and a focus on possibility and abundance.

So, instead of focusing on what you have to do in your business, focus on being one of these qualities. For example, ask yourself throughout the day, “How can I be courageous, consistent, generous or playful in my business?” I’m confident that you will be able to think of numerous opportunities that your networking business gives you for being courageous, consistent, generous and playful—and any other positive quality you might seek.

Then, go through your day focused on being courageous, being consistent, being generous, being playful—focused on being abundant.

And don’t be surprised if you actually make some phone calls, enroll some distributors, grow your business and increase your income—all because you are focusing on being these qualities of abundance instead of doing the work. In fact, the more you are being and actually growing your courage, consistency, creativity—the more your abundance (and your results!) will grow.

So—how will you be abundant today?



Teresa Romain
is founder of Access Abundance
an organization dedicated to helping people access greater levels of
abundance, freedom and fulfillment in their daily lives. She lives with her husband, Dan, in the small town of Baraboo, Wisconsin.