Leaders are, of course, born: they are created when problems and conflict merge with wisdom and strength.

When problems arise, problem solvers typically appear. Those who are able to solve problems emerge as leaders. But the ultimate destiny of these new leaders is determined by what they do with this birthright. There are countless examples of ineffective leaders—leaders without followers.

Leaders may be born, but leadership is made.

Leadership requires humility and an exceptional ability to listen for the needs of others. (Have you ever witnessed a leader who falters as a result of arrogance and overconfidence?) A sense of gratitude and patience are also paramount: success takes time.

Leadership involves love and a willingness to place others first. Respecting others and welcoming different opinions will give a leader the opportunity to serve a larger audience.

Leadership demands action with unbridled determination. Passionate pursuit of the task at hand is critical. Leaders stay awake late at night (or all night!) and arise with a desire to continue the journey. Leadership is accompanied by discipline and the ability to persevere in all circumstances.

Leaders consistently turn negative results or situations into positive opportunities.

Carefully observe the most prolific of leaders: you’ll discover the true origin of leaders. Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time, wrote, “I always had the ultimate goal of being the best, but I approached everything step by step. Each time I visualized where I wanted to be, what kind of player I wanted to become.”

The key element here is vision. Scripture reads, “Where there is no vision, the people perish,” and the same holds true for leaders. Leaders are born every day—but many leaders also die every day due to weak vision—and their dreams and aspirations pass away right along with them.

A clear vision of what a leader seeks to accomplish obliterates any and all obstacles that may appear. A clear and compelling vision attracts followers to pick up the cause. A clear vision makes the leader.

Which comes first: the leader or the vision? Leaders are born—and vision is the means by which they are conceived.

Are you a leader? What’s your vision?



BRETT DABE has been active in network marketing industry for a decade and is the host of a free “Mastermind” training call (www.mastermindcall.com) that features internationally recognized leaders, authors and trainers.