Moral Compensation

For the start of the new year, our staff assembled a special e-mail for our entire e-mail list, featuring an interview with our publisher, Bob Proctor, conducted by our editor in chief, John Fogg. Here are some of the many responses we received in the following week. (For the full text of the interview, titled “Moral Compensation,” visit bobproctor.)


What a powerful, insightful essay on network marketing—one of the best validations of our profession that I have seen. Now I realize that this is exactly what first drew me to network marketing. I just wish I could say it as well as Bob Proctor—but then, now that he’s said it for me, I don’t have to!

— Frank Schoen


Great article by Mr. Proctor! Thanks for sharing—and thanks for all you do for our profession.

— Judy Gilmore


I have just read your article by Bob Proctor and must say, it is excellent. I am going to forward the information to my downline for their benefit and learning. God bless and keep up the good work—and may you all have a very blessed and prosperous New Year.

— Al Myshrall


As a lifetime member of Networking Times, I know I’ll have to live to be at least 100 to keep processing all the great information. Keep up the great work!

— Wanda Kramer


I believe wholeheartedly in the principles that Mr. Proctor was speaking about; I only wish more people already involved in network marketing would adhere to them. There is often so much myopia where organizations within companies are concerned. You’ve started off the New Year with an interview everyone in the industry should read, highlight, pass on, frame on the wall—and most importantly, live. Please, we need more!

— Derrick Carpenter


I’ve got to tell you how great you are! I just got off the phone with a prospect and sent him to read You Were Born Rich at TGN [John Fogg’s web site]. This man has some serious challenges in his life, and by the time our conversation was over, I was seeing him as a winner, a brilliant success story. I sent him to Bob so he could start seeing himself that way.

I instantly received back the link to the Bob Proctor interview—which expressed so much of what I was wanting to be in this conversation, and what I want my prospect to see. I sent him this link, too. There are no coincidences!

— Carla Sanders


I am privileged to have just finished reading this interview with Bob Proctor. It was stunning. I have e-mailed it to my friends and family so that they can understand what it is I’m trying to do with my life, as a retired person trying to get into the M3 mode.

— Sherry L. Denend


Thank you for sharing this very powerful interview in print. I could now show my family that my husband and I are not “losers” because we are involved in MLM. I love the clarification about MLM being thought of as a pyramid, and people who ridicule without understanding the truth.

— Peachie Elsas


Thanks for the “free” article—one of the best I’ve read on network marketing and a great motivation and clarity for the New Year!

I’m struggling to get started and moving with my company. This was a great boost to the paradigm shift that I and all who are successful in network marketing need to make.

— John Coonley


Before my introduction to network marketing 40 years ago, I unwittingly opposed the industry. Today, I have read so many quality books, written by men and women of character and integrity, full of knowledge and wisdom in business and life. I would never have learned the human application of “love your neighbor as yourself,” had it not been for the written materials introduced directly or indirectly by network marketing.

— Dan G. Howard


Five years ago my husband and I heard Bob speak at a conference in Kansas City. Those few minutes were very important to us. Since that time, we have been on a hugely creative and growing life journey that has led us to our dreams. Bob’s clarity and commitment to the message that “what we think, we create,” have constantly given me the inspiration to imagine and
create with ever-increasing confidence.

This interview is terrific! Thank you so much for delivering it on this first day of an amazing year.

— Kathleen Sacht


Thank you for the wonderful New Year’s Day gift. I am a Bob Proctor groupie and enjoyed every word of the interview. Thank you for making it available to your readers—what a great way to start the new year!

— Cherie Ecker


This was a great article to start the New Year off!

— Lori Kozon


Enjoyed the interview with Bob Proctor. Especially noteworthy to me was the need to achieve a paradigm shift in order to become successful in network marketing. Thank you for another interesting insight in becoming more.

— James Breit


This is an excellent article. I hope it’s okay with you that I sent it along to some of my friends.

— David Tampien


What an excellent report! I’m going to pass it out to my downline, to prospects and to the people I’m working with. What a great start to 2003.

— Anne Bushell


How nice to read these lovely words on the first day of a new year. I am a great-grandma, with 60 years of marriage and a new fun job: MLM. I love it! Thank you so much for the beautiful depth of your article.

— Carol Reynders


I woke up this New Year’s Day to an inspirational interview (via e-mail) with Bob Proctor. “Moral Compensation” is a “must-read” for everyone desiring to share our wonderful profession with others! Thank you Networking Times for another quality article—five stars!

— Joan Benjamin


I am a former subscriber to Upline, and have read each issue of Networking Times cover to cover. Congratulations on your excellence. I will tell others!

— Dr. Michael Van Masters


Bob Proctor’s article is a marvelous explanation of the absolutely essential reasons for a person to become involved in network marketing. It is simple, concise and speaks in the plain language each of us can understand, comprehend and utilize in our daily walk through life.

— Jerry and Judi Richards


Thanks so much for the great Bob Proctor interview—what a wonderful way to start the New Year with such an encouraging article.

— Holland Wemple