Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence

By Daniel Goleman, et al.

Following their seminal work, Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman and his cohorts, Annie McKee and Richard Boyatzis, spent the past several years preparing this tract on leadership by posing a flurry of questions to a group of their disciples, supporters and devil’s advocates.

Serious researchers, these folks took up the gauntlet raised by business executives and sought to determine the relationship between emotional intelligence and leadership. The result, Primal Leadership, delivers.

After several thousand hours of research, Goleman’s group came to the conclusion that leadership, just like emotional intelligence, can be learned.

Mood, like electricity, pulses throughout an organization, and as every leader intuitively knows, it’s contagious. Self-confidence, transparency, optimism, conflict management and the ability to develop leaders rank among the 18 traits exhibited universally by leaders the world over.

Beginning with “personal awareness” and progressing through “relationship management,” a “leader’s repertoire” blends the leadership soup into a tasty treat that draws people to their vision eager to dig in and taste a life of meaningful contribution.

Ever wonder just how those leaders actually lead? Once you’ve given Primal Leadership its first read (and you’ll want to give it at least a second, and likely more than two), you’ll possess the keys to unlocking the secrets of leadership. What you do with them is up to the leader in you.

Hardcover; 306 pages, $26.95; Harvard Business School Press.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

By Jerry R. Wilson

What a great book! A true classic for networkers, and while it’s pushing a decade, its pages still burst forth with refreshing insights at every turn.

This is a must for every person in the business who claims to have harnessed word-of-mouth. We’ve still got lots to learn, and Wilson has lots to share. His insights into how to manage word-of-mouth, the impact of and what to do about negative talk, and “bossing the behavior that gets things done,” are wonderful. The final chapter, “100 Little Things That Light Fires,” is worth the price of the book. This is another useful book from which you will both learn and earn immediately.

Paperback; 272 pages, $14.95; John Wiley & Sons, reprint edition (January 1994).