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February 2003    
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Malcolm Gladwell
Lead Story:
Malcolm Gladwell

Laura Kall
Nt Interview:
Laura Kall

Gary Adams
Heart of Business:
Gary Adams

Ann Houghteling
Master Networker:
Art Jonak

LEAD STORYSubscriber Only
The Tipping Point
John Milton Fogg
A Conversation with Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point. The Tipping Point is, in Gladwell's own words, an "intellectual adventure story." Drawing from psychology, sociology and epidemiology, using examples from the worlds of business, society, education, fashion and media, Gladwell's book advances an understanding of how epic changes really occur in the world--and proceeds to show how we can pursue starting "positive epidemics" of our own. "The virtue of an epidemic," Gladwell points out, "is that just a little input is enough to get it started, and it can spread very, very quickly." That makes it something of obvious interest to everyone building a networking business.

NT INTERVIEWSubscriber Only
A Home Office on the Internet
John Milton Fogg
A Conversation with Laura Kall. Laura Kall started building her business in the most old-fashioned--and labor-intensive--way imaginable: standing in the streets of New York City, talking to strangers and collecting business cards. It worked beautifully for her--but not for others. So she designed and built her own "total integrated Internet solution" and now markets it to the world.

"Dreams Are Free"
Uma Sackett
An exceptionally successful entrepreneur, Gary Adams turned all his get-it-done resourcefulness to working with his kids' learning challenges, and ended up creating "Dreams Are Free," a national educational program for special-needs kids.

"I Can Do This"
John Milton Fogg
At 30, Art Jonak Has Been Doing "This" for More Than Ten Years Working the graveyard shift at his university, filing professors' research, 19-year-old Art Jonak had hours to kill every night; he started tinkering with the Internet--and ended up a successful network marketer.

We Never Leave the House!Subscriber Only Tim was a successful businessman—but in all his business dealings, he’d never really had to deal with the people end of business.

"It's a Hand Up"Subscriber Only After burning through her warm list, Cheryl Gonzalez cautiously approached the Internet--and realized that the secret to the high tech was high touch.

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