Reflections of a Master

Reflections of a Master

By Frank Keefer
Reviewed by John Milton Fogg

Reflections of a Master could be considered a blatantly arrogant title. But arrogance is defined as: "Making claims to unwarranted importance or consideration out of overbearing pride." The author of this book is indeed a proud man, as you would be if you'd been:

A highly-paid corporate executive with the likes of Revlon, Johnson & Johnson, Philips and Motorola who had also owned or run half a dozen other successful businesses as well.... And been an Honors graduate, Honor Society member and school teacher.... And served in combat with both the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and Army Rangers (and been wounded in action).... And been a world-class parachutist, black-belt martial artist, mountain-climbing and scuba-diving instructor.... And achieved the top position with three different network marketing companies, in the process creating 13 millionaires in your group.... And co-founded and was President and CEO of a magazine, Network Marketing Lifestyles, which became the number one start-up publication and number one business publication on newsstands in its first year.... And accomplished much of the above with "terminal" congestive heart failure which your doctors told you should have killed you five years ago!

Frank Keefer is indeed a proud man, yet he never makes claims as to his importance. So, I will. Frank is the "master" of the book's title, and Reflections of a Master is filled with important lessons from a been-there, done-that guy, whose passion is to share what he's learned in his amazing once-in-a-lifetime life.

Writer Duncan Maxwell Anderson once noted about Frank's writing that, "When Frank writes, he takes no prisoners." True. It's not that he's mean-spirited. Very far from it. Frank is just an in-your-face, tell-it-like-it-really-is, let-the-chips-fall man, and he writes the same way. Frank's unassailable compassion for people drives him to care and share the lessons of his extraordinary life and work in the pages of Reflections of a Master. It's as if we were his children--and he's intent on giving us the benefit of his hard-won wisdom.

My favorite is Chapter One, "It's Later Than You Think--at some point you will be the other guy!" (Incidentally, in the GreatestNetworker.comUnity library, this article has ranked in the top 10 selections by our members every week for two years.) Like all good and great network marketers, Frank's a story teller, and this first chapter is Frank's story, as up-close and personal as it gets. It's one of the most compelling arguments for a career in networking ever written, and sets the tone for a book chock full of lessons in courage, responsibility, integrity and leadership. Reflections of a Master delivers on its promise.

Hardcover: 121 Pages: Proteus Press.