If you plan on building a large, productive organization, the marriage of high tech and high touch is not a possibility--it's a necessity.

The advent of the Internet and other high-tech tools greatly leverages your time and enables you to build your business more efficiently. But keep in mind: no tool can ever replace human interaction.

E-mail, voice on demand and teleconference calls relay information to a large number of people quickly; company and product updates, announcements, recognition and many other simple forms of communication can now be broadcast to thousands with the touch of a mouse.

Web presentations also provide one of the most effective ways to present your business I've ever seen. Anyone, anywhere, any time, can view a concise, powerful, professional presentation of your opportunity. You can sift and sort through thousands of people to find those who are truly interested in what you have to offer. It's a hotel meeting on steroids--and a huge catalyst for the growth of your business.

Imagine: while you watch your kids' soccer game, people who have grown tired of the corporate world, who are hungry for a real opportunity, are viewing your presentation! Now multiply that by everyone in your organization. What would it be worth to you to have hundreds or even thousands of people viewing your opportunity every day? What if you never again had to worry about your representatives detesting public speaking, or being afraid to invite a guest to an in-home or hotel meeting? That's what an effective Web presentation can do for you.

Now comes the high touch factor. Ten thousand people could view your presentation--but without the human touch, you'll have very few sign-ups...and even fewer who will follow through and actually build a business.

As human beings, one of our greatest needs is to feel connected to other people. This is where you come in.

Your presentation can show your company's credibility, the incredible trends, the enormous sums of money that can be earned...but most people are afraid of new endeavors. They want a person they like and trust to lead them through the process. They will make their decision based more on how they feel about you than on any facts, figures or Flash presentations they may have seen, no matter how impressive those might be. This is why it is absolutely imperative that you learn to connect with people.

For many, this is the most difficult aspect of the business to learn. It is also the most vital.

LAURA KAUFMAN is an art gallery-owner turned network marketer who has achieved her company's highest title and sits on their advisory board.