Adapt or die...sounds pretty harsh, doesn't it? Nevertheless, it's the law that governs our world. When was the last time you wrote a letter, addressed the envelope, put a stamp on it, carried it off and dropped it in a mailbox? I know you don't remember. You grab your e-mail, type out a brief reply--and fire it off into cyberspace.

Whether or not you're going to adapt to the new technology is not the question. The question is, how far you are going--and how fast?

Peek into history: every time we've seen a major paradigm shift, the winners have always been those who adapted the fastest, embraced the new way of life and quickly distanced themselves from the masses. For them, there wasn't even any competition. Those who waited, lost--and then spent the remainder of their days playing catch-up.

Study (research), discipline and adaptation are prerequisites to any form of accomplishment. Unfortunately, we too often relegate all three to the same category as paying taxes--we do it only when we have to.

I recently watched a top network marketer, who earns well into seven figures, make a very

powerful presentation to a large group of people on a whiteboard. By the time he finished, it looked like chicken scratches in a barnyard. Visiting with him later that day, I explained that the whiteboard was like a projector and his audience's minds were his screen--and while the information was valuable, the picture it projected was sheer confusion. I suggested that his information was far too powerful to be dealt with in that manner.

I'm happy to report that he saw the wisdom in my advice, and immediately adapted--invested in a good computer and is presently learning to prepare his own PowerPoint presentations.

Your presentation is part of the basics of your business and should be as near perfection as you can make it. A little new technology can go a long way. Opportunity is in the air; it's everywhere with technology. Tap into it. It's a fact: you can find leads, love and luxury with the technology available to us.

I'm writing (and then e-mailing to my editor) this column from Sydney, Australia, where I have just signed 100 networkers onto e-subscriptions to this wonderful publication, Networking Times. All 100 of these people will benefit in numerous ways each month as they download powerful information that literally bounces off satellites.

Adapt! The alternative is unacceptable--and the reward for altering your conditioned behavior is reaching any goal you set.

Bob Proctor is Publisher of Networking Times.