A Woman’s Worth

By Marianne Williamson
Reviewed by John Milton Fogg

“It’s very difficult being a woman,” begins Marianne Williamson in A Woman’s Worth, continuing and countering with, “It’s very difficult being a man too, I realize, but this is a book about women.” Indeed. And Ms. Williamson’s book may be the definitive celebration of all that is (or should be) female and feminine in our world today.

“Superb…A higher awareness of the feminine essence… Powerful…Phenomenal…A Must-Read for Every Woman…” read the reviews on Amazon.com. To be fair, there is the occasional, “…silliest book I’ve ever read…,” too. As Mary Todd Lincoln was rumored to have remarked, “You can’t please all the women all the time.” The notices were enough to get me to buy the book. (In fact, I went for the double bill and also sprung for Return to Love, Ms. Wiliamson’s landmark bestseller, for only $21.56.)

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Marianne, so I could hear the music of her voice as I read her words. In print and person, she is the real deal: powerful, profound, no punches pulled, and always strongly convicted and convincing. She writes:

“This is a book about a woman’s inner life. Here, we are our real selves, while in the outer world we are impostors. We’re not sure why we’re posing except we have no clue how not to. We have forgotten the part we came here to play. We have lost the key to our own house. We’re hanging out outside the door. The stress of being away so long from home is hurting us, even killing us. We must not stay away; we must find the key….

“But the dirt around us is moving, making room for tiny sprouts. Like every woman, I know what I know. Something is starting to happen. New things lie in store for the earth, and one of them is us. Womanhood is being recast….

“Watch. Wait. Time will unfold and fulfill its purpose. While we wait, we must not go unconscious. We must think and grow. Rejoice and dream, but kneel and pray. There is holiness in the air today; we are giving birth to goddesses. They are who we are, for they are us…. Start laughing, girls. We have a new calling."

A Woman’s Worth is one of Marianne’s ministries (she is spiritual leader of Renaissance Unity in Warren, Michigan, just north of Detroit) and perhaps her most passionate. She writes deeply and personally from her own experience. The book is a conversation with a powerful woman who champions women and is intent on redressing the imbalance of our male-dominated world.

I knew A Woman’s Worth before I read the book. Afterwards, I had a profoundly more and better idea of why.

Paperback, 141 pages; Ballantine Books (trade paper); reprint edition (April 1994) $12.05.