How much money can I make in network marketing?”

Good question. Lots of answers.

When a new prospect asks this question, I simply explain that he can choose which group fits his comfort level. Here is how I explain the groups.

Group 1: Wholesale Buyer
You can participate in network marketing simply to save money on your personal purchases. Buying products and services at wholesale prices makes sense. Buying product and services at retail won’t make you rich.

In fact, if everyone knew they could purchase at the wholesale price simply by becoming a distributor, why wouldn’t everybody already be a network marketing distributor?

The answer is simply that everyone doesn’t know this. Become one of the smart consumers. Save money. Become a network marketing distributor—and purchase at the distributor wholesale price.

Group 2: Part-Timer
Most people want a little more out of life. They want another car, or a newer car; a different house; more vacations; extra money for bills, retirement, or the fun activities available to people who have available cash. You can have this extra money by working part-time in your own network marketing business.

How much extra part-time income can you expect?

Well, do you want $500 extra per month? $1500 extra per month? Or $5000 extra per month? You be the judge. It depends on the time you are willing to invest, and your skill.

Let’s look first at your time.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Some people complain, “I don’t have time for anything!” Not true. These people have the same 24 hours a day that you do. The secret is how people choose to allocate their time.

If you allocate eight hours a day for cable television, you won’t have time to build your part-time business. If you allocate four nights a week to bowling, your available entrepreneurial time will diminish.

The more time you can devote to your business, the more money you’ll make. Some people allocate three to five hours a week to their business. Others spend 10 to 12 hours a week. It’s your decision how much time you want to invest to build a permanent part-time income.

Time is one-half the formula for your network marketing success. The other half calls for skill.

Skill can be acquired. When you join, you will have several mentors who can help you learn and improve your skills. Your sponsor, your sponsor’s sponsor, and other upline leaders have a financial stake in your future. The more successful you become, the more successful they become. You’re on the same team. Use your team members to help you succeed.

Your part-time business requires sweat equity (time and training.) You’re not risking thousands of dollars on a franchise or business, but you can still get the rewards.

Maybe you build your business to $300 a month and feel comfortable. Would $300 a month make a difference in your lifestyle? It sure could.

The $50 Payoff
I know of one instance where a $50 monthly bonus check made all the difference in the world for a distributor.

I had lunch with the young man about 16 years ago. He was a vegetable farmer from Missouri. When his $50 bonus check arrived in the mail, he was so excited he couldn’t stop talking about it. I couldn’t figure out why, so I asked him:

“Hey, why all this excitement over a $50 bonus check?”

He replied:

“You see, I’m a vegetable farmer. After all my expenses, I end up with about $5 a month that I can call my own. That’s it. Just $5. Well, I got this $50 bonus check, and that’s ten times more spending money than I usually have. I can take the family to a movie, have dinner out, and have a dozen different choices I never had before.”

He got me thinking. If your regular job pays all your day-to-day expenses, then any bonus check you receive for your part-time business is fun money. It’s not spoken for.

So, if you have an extra $500 bonus check a month, Wow! You could use it to make payments on a brand new car. Or, get a larger house. Or, take a cruise every two or three months. Or, set up an investment program and retire early.

Extra money means a lot more—once your everyday expenses are covered by your salary.

The $100,000 Problem
Sometimes the part-time bonus checks even exceed your full-time salary. My good friend, Tom, had a problem.

His regular job earned him $50,000 a year. After working his network marketing business part-time for three years, his part-time network marketing bonus income was now earning him $100,000 a year.

Now, I wouldn’t think of this as a big problem, but Tom came to me with a worried face.

“Big Al, I’m just getting too busy. I’m afraid I won’t be able to service both my job and my part-time business fairly; I’m afraid I have to give up one of them. I like giving good service and doing things first class. I’m really in a dilemma; I don’t know what to do.”

Well, my friend had good network marketing skills, and his part-time income certainly was exceptional—but I really questioned his business sense. I said:

“Tom, if you’re making twice as much part-time in network marketing as your full-time salary, I think it would make sense to quit your full-time job and enjoy your $100,000 part-time income.”

He agreed. Now his part-time network marketing income continues to increase and he has time to work out at the gym, spend time with his family, visit friends on the telephone, travel, and yes, he still fits in his network marketing business.

While he may have been confused originally about which career to give up, it does prove that you don’t have to be a nuclear scientist to build a large income in network marketing.

The Conservative Approach
Another friend, Bob, used a conservative investment strategy to build a fortune from a relatively modest network marketing monthly bonus check of only $300.

How did he do it? He said to himself, “My earnings from my job pays all my bills, so I'll just use the extra $300 a month to pay off my house mortgage faster.”

In only four years, his house was completely paid off. Now he had an extra, not $300, but $1300 each month. Why $1300?

Because there were no longer any mortgage payments, Bob now had an extra $1000 available each month. And he still had his $300 network marketing bonus check—which he was no longer spending on his mortgage. So his only question was, where should he invest his free and spendable $1300 cash?

Bob purchased the house next door.

The tenants’ rent payment paid the monthly mortgage. Bob invested his extra $1300 monthly cash flow to accelerate the mortgage repayment schedule on his rental property. In about five years, the house next door was completely debt-free.

Now Bob’s financial picture looked like this:
(1) His regular job paid all his living expenses, plus he had $1000 a month free because he had no mortgage on his personal residence; and (2) rental income from the house next door added an additional $1000 of monthly cash flow; and (3) Bob’s bonus check still averaged an extra $300 a month.

Now, what was Bob going to do with his extra $2300 a month cash flow?

He purchased another house down the street.

The tenants’ rent paid the monthly mortgage, and Bob added his $2300 each month in principal reduction. Soon Bob's financial picture looked like this:
(1) His regular job paid all his living expenses, plus he had $1000 a month free because he had no mortgage on his personal residence; and (2) rental income from the house next door added an additional $1000 of monthly cash flow; and (3) rental income from the house down the street added an additional $1000 of monthly cash flow; and (4) Bob’s bonus check still averaged an extra $300 a month.

Now, what was Bob going to do with his extra $3500 in extra cash flow every month…?

You get the picture. Bob never earned more than an average $300 bonus check—yet today he is financially secure. Even if Bob lost his job and his network marketing company went out of business, his monthly rental collections would support him nicely. As of today, his monthly net income is over $5000 from rental payments alone.

Group 3: Full-Timer
Finally, there is a full-time career in network marketing. It takes time, you have to develop and learn the skills, and it probably won’t happen overnight.

In fact, some people with great part-time network marketing incomes never quit their jobs, simply because they love their jobs. They love what they do. The extra money from their part-time income guarantees they will always have choices. Their choices.

However, many people jump at the chance to leverage their network marketing incomes even higher by making network marketing their full-time career.

How much do these experienced, skilled, full-time professionals make? A lot. If you pay your dues, you should expect to be rewarded.

Often you’ll hear of certain network marketing professionals earning unbelievable incomes of six figures a month. Well, these people are the exception.

The real full-time success stories in network marketing are those leaders who have time with their families, time for their church, time for their hobbies, and time for whatever they desire—because they receive a four- or five-figure monthly network marketing bonus check and now have the time to enjoy it.

So, how much can you make in network marketing?

It’s entirely up to you.

Tom schreiter writes Fortune Now (, an online newsletter for network marketing leaders.