If you were to list all the actions in your business (or your life) on which you are currently procrastinating, how many items would be on your list? Five, ten, 20? More? Are there so many you’ve lost track?

Let’s take a quick inventory of those “Procrastination List” items. Do they include prospecting or follow-up calls, e-mails and mailings? How many? How about clearing off your desk, organizing your files, preparing your taxes? Do you have a “Leaning Tower of Pisa” reading pile that you plan to get to—“some day”?

You know these are all things you should do, yet you are consistently not doing them. How to break out of the pattern? The first step is to recognize what may be causing your procrastination. One factor may be an overemphasis on quantity.

“All or Nothing”
The emphasis on or valuation of things in terms of quantity sets up the possibility of “not enough,” which can be what often keeps you from taking consistent action.

Take the example of exercise. Let’s say that you planned to go work out at the club today; this means you drive to the club, work out for 45 to 60 minutes, shower and drive home, all of which usually takes you a couple of hours. But today, things have gotten a little hectic: you’re got a time crunch, so you decide to wait until tomorrow (i.e., you procrastinate). Of course, tomorrow the same thing happens, so you put it off for another day…and another day…and another day.

Sound familiar?

What if someone suggests that you do 20 sit-ups instead? If you’re like most people, you might respond, “20 sit-ups? That’s not enough! I need a real workout!” But notice: the “real” workout continues being procrastinated. Net result: you’re doing nothing—yet you say, 20 sit-ups is “not enough”! Hmm.

Welcome to the “All or Nothing” scarcity pattern. It’s quite common—and deadly dangerous for your business. By focusing on the “all” (i.e., quantity), we often set up the “nothing” (i.e., procrastination). In a networking business, it might look like this:

• “I want to call this potential prospect—but it’s been so long since the last time we spoke. I know it’ll be a long conversation…better wait till I have more time.”
• “I need to make at least ten prospecting calls today…geez, I just don’t have time—I better wait till I have time, probably tomorrow.”
• “I can’t start talking to people about my company or product until I’ve finished reading and learning all there is to learn about it.”
• “I have to get my volume up for the month—I need to spend every moment making phone calls between now and the end of the month.”

Notice the emphasis on quantity (those words in italics), which sets up the procrastination each time! This emphasis on quantity leads to inconsistency and scarcity, in your actions and your results.

Do Something!
“All or Nothing” thinking is just another variation of the “Not Enough” scarcity pattern: anything less than all is not enough, so instead, you do nothing. When you do get around to doing it all—if ever—you do nothing else and fall behind in all other areas of life. For network marketers, this often happens near month’s end, when you’re pressing to make monthly volume requirements. It’s easy to exhaust yourself in the process and have nothing left after doing it all. It’s a never-ending pattern of procrastination, excess and collapse…start and stop, all or nothing.

Whenever you are in the grips of the “all or nothing” pattern, you need to change your focus from one that emphasizes quantity to one with a focus on consistency. The way to break free of all-or-nothing and approach consistency is to do something.

It may be true that you don’t have time for your “full workout.” So, do one exercise; run ten minutes. Do something!
The same is true for those calls you need to make: make one call today, have one short conversation, write one follow-up note. And all that background you need to learn? Learn one thing—then get going!

Every time all or nothing and not enough thinking cause you to procrastinate, do something—and you’ll find that the sense of accomplishment you get from completing something will release energy you can then use to do other things.

Be careful, though: choose the something you can actually do that same day. Then, if you feel energized to do more when that’s done, choose another something. Otherwise, once you’ve accomplished something and start feeling energized, you might think, “Now I might as well do all the rest.” If you do, you’re stepping back into all or nothing!—and anything less than all the rest will
suddenly be not enough. This leads inevitably back to the all-too-familiar pattern of procrastination and doing nothing.

When it comes to abundance, in your networking business and elsewhere, consistency is always more important than quantity. Quantity is important—but the persistent focus on quantity, thinking that it will lead to abundance, often sets up scarcity.

Begin to emphasize consistency by doing something today and every day, in your business and in all areas of your life!

Teresa Romain is founder of Access Abundance (www.accessabundance.com), an organization dedicated to helping people access greater levels of abundance, freedom and fulfillment in their daily lives. She lives with her husband Dan in the small town of Baraboo, Wisconsin.