Developing strong love toward your family and friends serves as a beacon of light and inspiration in business. There is no greater training ground for developing people skills than the interaction with family and friends.

You have been becoming the person you are since you took your first breath. In your business, these character traits you’ve been developing for years—honesty, integrity, humor, endurance, encouragement, insight, thankfulness— will now be tested in fire.

No matter what happens in your family, you love them; you never stop caring. This carries over into business relationships, too. You realize that everyone is created unique, in every area and respect. You can’t treat everyone alike. I have two children who were always different in every way. If I had put them in the box of being alike, I would have stifled their creativity. Never once did I ever compare one with the other. Same with business! As your distributors reach out for success, be there to encourage them to become who they were born to be.

Can this be anything but love?

Listening and really hearing is a special kind of love for others. Loving the lovable—anyone can do that. It is loving the one who is a burr in your saddle that makes the difference between the average and the above-average person. This is soaring above all emotion; it will soften your heart. You won't even recognize yourself.

All of us have the same gift of 86,400 seconds in the day. Can we spend some of those seconds to give a second smile, a second handshake, a second wink and pat on the back, a second hug? How many seconds does it take to say, “I love you”?

Giving is a part of loving and it also increases the loving. Your mind becomes what you think about and do. Molding a heart of smiles changes the world through your eyes.

In your business, you will meet those who have experienced none of the family interactions that you may have had, who may never have had anyone take a personal interest in them. Now they are in your business—and now is the time to really make a difference in their lives. To believe in them, to trust them and let them know they matter. Business is simply the vehicle through which you met them. Reaching out to someone provides eternal value—no matter whether it puts money in your pocket.

Love for family, friends, and community, love for those you will never meet, is the heartbeat of the nation—and it is the heartbeat of your business.

MARTHA LOWREY is a million-dollar earner with a worldwide network; she has been with her present networking company for the past 15 years.