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Everyday Grace

A Conversation with Marianne Williamson, author of A Woman's Worth and A Return to Love

By John Milton Fogg

Author of such bestsellers as A Return to Love and A Woman's Worth, Marianne Williamson is widely known for her ability to capture spiritual truths in direct, accessible language. Williamson sees us as being on the threshold of the "great spiritual awakening of America"--and she feels an urgency around our making that quantum step happen. We have gone, says Williamson, from a generation "that dabbled in spiritual abstractions to one who desperately needs to apply that spirituality in very real, practical ways. ... The worldview that dominated the West in the 20th century was one centered on material worth. We allowed a now-obsolete scientific perspective--a mechanistic, rationalistic, left-brained perspective--to convince us that the material world was more important than perhaps it is. The Western mind is oversecularized and arrogant: our humbling before God is way overdue--and it's also our salvation." As individuals, we are already doing so much that is right and on a positive path, asserts Williamson; the need now is to act on that greater spiritual awareness in our collective experience.

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