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December 2002    
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Dr Peter Kostenbaum
Joe Vitale
Margaret Trost

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What Is Your Business Philosophy?
John Milton Fogg
Dr.Peter Koestenbaum, author of The Philosophic Consultant and The Heart of business, is a card-carrying philosopher-and left the university after over three decades of teaching to enter the "real world" of business. Today he is known as the Philosophic Consultant, and he has a great deal to tell us about how networking businesses can change the world - and how we can change our businesses.

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Spiritual Marketing
John Milton Fogg
Known as author of what he calls his "straight, conservative advertising books," Joe Vitale says that the greater part of marketing success and business success in general-make that ALL success in general- has to do with what lies within. Joe offers startlingly simple insights on how and why we sabotage our businessess, and how to stop doing so and ride the "up escalator" in life and business.

"Little by Little, We Will Arrive"
Uma Sackett
After recovering from a personal tragedy, Margaret Trost was looking for a cause larger than herself-and ended up helping to create a charitable venture for the poor of Haiti that exceeded her wildest philanthropic dreams.

Creating World-Class Leaders
John David Mann
Michael DiMuccio's first year in networking was nothing terribly exciting - until he compressed the learning of twelve months into a few weeks' "launch effort," and formulated his results into a strategy that he has repeated consistently for a decade since.

"What I Have To Give Is My Time"Subscriber Only An unexpected encouter led Judy Soper to take her networking business on the road-literally-as she supports a "Walk of Hope" for the benefit of kids worldwide.

The Real American DreamSubscriber Only Born and raised in Brazil, Cecilia came to the US in search of the American Dreaam-and discovered its true depth back on native soil.

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