The Power of Our Belief
Chris Gross announces some ambitious plans for the launch of a non-profit world peace foundation

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Mini-reviews of Frank Keefer's Reflections of a Master, Michael Gerber's The E-Myth Revisited and Kurt Wright's Breaking the Rules • "Why isn't network marketing more price-competitive?" • Trends and signs of these networking times.

What's Philanthropy Got To Do With It?

A panel of four editors on the question, why are network marketers so bullish on giving?


2003: My Year of Success!
Michael Clouse 70
It's the time of year for New Year's resolutions, and for networkers - who take goal-setting perhaps more seriously than any other group on the planet - this is serious business indeed. Master networker Michael Clouse walks us through his "Eight Strategies to Make This Your Best Year Ever," ranging from "Design your year with the end in mind" to "Spend less than you earn."


Can Vision Become Reality?
Frank J. Keefer
Is "World Peace and Global Prosperity Through a Philanthropic Economy" a hopelessly idealistic vision? Keefer's answer, coming from a man who has seen more of life's harsher realities than most, will make you stop, think - and self-reflect.


Good Vibrations
John Milton Fogg
Strike a tuning fork in a tuning fork factory - then watch all the other forks join in and hum along! That, in essence, is the networker's job: find the right frequency and make connections. Whether or not you make connections with people, says Fogg, and what sorts of connections are what this business is all about.


You Are a Coach!
Terri Levine
When Terri Levine first began her networking career, she found that her greatest success seemed to stem from her coaching. Terri became the top earner in her company...and a certified coach. In this double-length "Coaching" column, Terri offers her "ten critical coaching skills" for networking success.


Solving the Achievement Puzzle
Ray Gebauer
"Here's the truth you don't always hear: Not everyone experiences great results from setting goals," says veteran networker Ray Gebauer - and we're off in pursuit of the true secrets to goal-getting. Setting goals, says Gebauer, can be more of a set-up for disappointment than for achievement. Instead, he outlines three dynamics without which the pursuit of goals often comes up short: Taking a stand; creating a bigger context; and creating a real commitment.


Acknowledge Yourself!
Teresa Romain
The path to building a successful and abundant business is an ongoing learning process, says abundance coach Romain. Problem is, most of us react to our partial successes (read: "failures") along the way by beating ourselves up. A habit of "not-enoughing" yourself can lead to a negative feedback loop that sabotages your opportunities for growth. Here's how to change the pattern.


What Is Your Business Philosophy?
John Milton Fogg
A true Renaissance man, Dr. Peter Koestenbaum, author of The Heart of Business and The Philosophic Consultant, might well be considered the patron saint of networking. After over three decades of teaching and consulting on the role of philosophy in psychiatry and medicine, Peter made a radical career move: he decided it was time to leave the university and enter the "real world" of business. He has since consulted for some of the world's largest businesses, and earned a deserved reputation as The Philosophic Consultant. In this interview, Dr. Koestenbaum talks about how networkers can make our businesses better - and in the process, make the world a better place.


Joe Vitale: Spiritual Marketing
By John Milton Fogg
Joseph Vitale is a marketing super-hero, complete with secret identity. Well-established as the author of a handful of definitive books on marketing (what Joe calls his "straight, conservative advertising books") Joe has now taken off the Clark Kent glasses and emerged as a marketing visionary with a decidedly spiritual bent. In this interview, Joe talks about the nature of self-sabotage that is behind most business failure, and how to dissolve it; the importance of letting your business follow your passion; how to avoid the kryptonite of greed (by distinguishing between your heartbeat and your walletbeat); and how to ride the "up escalator" to relatively effortless success.


Margaret Trost: "Little by Little, We Will Arrive"
Recovering from a personal tragedy, Margaret Trost was desperately in need of a pursuit that would take her outside of herself. In an extraordinary tale of values, purpose and serendipity, Margaret opened herself to a chain of circumstances that resulted in a trip to Haiti for two weeks of volunteer service at Mother Theresa's Missionaries of Charity Orphanage and Home for the Destitute and Dying. What happened next, and where it all led, is the sort of inspirational story that lies at the heart of the networking community's raison d'๊tre.


Michael DiMuccio: Creating World-Class Leaders
After his first year of networking, Michael DiMuccio joined a company just launching a new market - and the lights went on in Michael's head. He soon had worked out how to apply the lessons of that unique launch as a methodical "focused launch effort" philosophy, applicable for anyone, at any point in their business. The results have been astounding.


Judy Soper: What I Have To Give Is My Time
Judy Soper had built herself a respectable networking business, when an unexpected encounter opened a door to a whole new dimension of networking and financial freedom: helping to create not simply personal freedom, but also for children in need around the globe.

Cecelia Stoll: The Real American Dream

Born and raised in Brazil, Cecelia Stoll had lived in the United States as a high school exchange student. Soon the exchange took on a more profound dimension, when she leveraged her success in network marketing to support a mission for abused young girls in Brazil.


Take a Deep Breath...
Steve Siebold
Networkers often become defensive and/or irritated when confronted with critics; but look at it this way, says presentation master and "toughness coach" Siebold: Haven't you ever criticized something, and later learned you were wrong? Take a deep breath - and learn how to turn that critic into a passionate new distributor.


A-B-C Calls
Bob Burg
Three-way calls may be the single most oft-evoked, tried-and-true methodology for building your business. And yet, most networkers have never been coached or trained in exactly how to conduct an effective three-way call! Master networker Burg offers a three-way primer that should be in every networker's startup kit.


Action Thinking
Tom Schreiter
"Hit your hand with a hammer. Ouch! That really hurts. Now, hit your hand with a hammer again. Ouch! That really hurts. Now, hit your hand with a hammer again. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! That really, really hurts." Thus begins Schreiter's hilarious - and cogent - primer in how to get different results, complete with practical examples as only Big Al can illustrate them.


"How Much Can I Earn?"
Len Clements
This, says industry watchdog Clements, is not only one of the most commonly asked questions in networking, but also one of the most misleading - at least, the way it's usually answered. Here is why the question is "impossible to answer"; and, here's how to answer it.


Over-Priced - or Under-Valued?
Dawn Siebold
Network marketing is full of "sticker-shocked distributors" who are cowed by their own prices and too defensive to effectively retail. The problem, says Dawn Siebold, is most often not a price that's too high - but a perception of value that is too low.


The Treacherous Dichotomy
John David Mann
Which motivates you at any given moment in your business: altruism, or self-interest? If either one of those is your answer, then you may be falling victim to what Mann calls "the networker's Jabberwock": the perceived conflict between helping yourself and helping others. In networking, the two merge: here's why.