Joe Vitale

Spiritual Marketing

Jospeh Vitale Takes You on the Up Escalator to Success

By John Milton Fogg

When I saw the title of Joseph Vitale's book, Spiritual Marketing, my first thought was, "Yeah, yeah, God is my copy-writer." You know, like the bumper sticker, "God is my co-pilot," lovely thought, but how interesting could the book really be? When I eventually read the book, I was not surprised - I was blown away.

Vitale is author of numerous respected books on marketing (AMA Complete Guide to Small Business Advertising, There's a Customer Born Every Minute: P.T. Barnum's Secrets of Business Success, et al.) - what Joe calls his "straight, conservative advertising books." You can get a glimpse of Joe's colorful, multi-faceted personality on his web site,

Since its release Spiritual Marketing has scored unprecedented popularity, soaring to number one best-seller at on June 4th and 5th. The book's full title is Spiritual Marketing: A Proven 5-Step Formula for Easily Creating Wealth From the Inside Out. Vitale describes his approach as "inside-out marketing," he says, because when you start on the inside, with the spiritual, and work outward to the material, you can get whatever results you are after, in any domain, be it in marketing, in relationships or in any other category.

- J.M.F.

Why did you call your book, Spiritual Marketing?

First, because I am a marketing person, and it sounded like a catchy title to me! [laughs] The truth is, it's far more about your psychological and metaphysical make-up than it is really about marketing. It's about being clear on what you want, so that you can attract it and keep it.

What do you mean by "being clear"?

That may be the book's most essential message. When people talk about having goals, they usually leave out something crucial: you may have counter-beliefs and counter-intentions within yourself that will keep you from achieving that goal - or, if you do achieve it, from keeping it. That is self-sabotage.

I can tell a client precisely what to do; I can give him some of my older books on how to write an ad or write a sales letter. He can follow it by the numbers - and not get the results that others get by doing the very same thing. Why? Because he is not clear within himself in a way that allows those results to occur. He may feel he doesn't deserve it, or that it's not possible. He may want to prove me wrong, or prove the book wrong. There may be any number of "counter-attack" issues going on. When you are clear of those, you are in alignment: there is no part of you going in a different direction. Then, you move forward to get the things you want.

So, these are the things that stop us from achieving our goals and accomplishing our vision?

Absolutely: they will either slow you down or, more often than not, stop you completely. Negative beliefs, self-image problems - a whole world of self-sabotage within. You may not be aware of it, yet it can still prevent you from achieving the things that you say you want. You will experience this in the form of delays, frustrating circumstances, glitches; you'll find yourself saying, "Why is this always happening to me...?" This sort of statement is revealing: it reveals what is actually going on within you - not what's going on out in the world.

How do you shine a light on these undiscovered issues?

All you have to do is look at your life. If you want to know what you believe, right now, simply look at everything you are trying to achieve. If you are achieving those things, getting the results and absolutely happy about it, then you're clear with those aspects. But chances are, there are some things that you continuously go for - and continuously don't get. You come close, maybe you put your toe in the water, but you don't achieve it...or if you do, then you don't keep it.

How do you put your finger on what that is? Or is it necessary to do so, in order to become clear?

If you are doing the clearing process yourself, then yes, you need to know what those limiting beliefs are. The good news is, they're not hard to find.

People will say, "Oh, these are probably buried deep within your past, within your unconscious mind." I don't buy that - don't believe it for a second. I think your negative beliefs are just like your phone number. You don't walk around thinking about your telephone number, but if I said, "John, what's your phone number?" it would bubble up in an instant and you would tell me exactly what it is.

So: ask yourself, "What could be the negative beliefs that are stopping me from achieving (fill in the blank)?" - and the answer will surface. You'll come up with five or ten statements, right then and there: they are probably what is keeping you from getting to where you want to go. They're not hiding in the dark. They might be under a cloud or under the rug, but you can easily move the cloud or lift the rug, just by asking.

That's for working with yourself. It's much quicker and more efficient to work with someone I call a "miracle coach."

What is a "miracle coach"?

A miracle coach is someone who can help you see the box that you're in. Even without you being aware of the boundaries of that box or the beliefs that keep you in that box, you can dissolve them by listening to, following, and paying attention to somebody who is outside that box. Miracle coaches are available all over the place. I list six or seven at the back of the book, with names and e-mail addresses.

Also, I have always found value in reading wonderful books that stretch my boundaries. I am a big fan of Jerry and Esther Hicks and the Abraham material (in fact, they are my clients). I would recommend their books and tapes. One of their disciples is Lynn Grabhorn, author of Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting [see "NT Interview" in Networking Times, October 2002 issue]. Many people don't know that Lynn has a second book: The Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting Play Book. This is a wonderful tool for stretching your mind and helping you realize that you have created what you have in your life - and that you can create it entirely differently.

Once you realize that you are the creator of all of the experiences, situations, problems, and rewards going on in your life, and that you can create all that differently, you start to set your intentions and go in different directions.

Can you say more about business from a spiritual perspective? How can we begin to look at our businesses as inside-out enterprises and opportunities? Where do we start?

For most people, being in business is a struggle because there is competition. I am speaking here not about reality, but about a mindset. Here is what I suggest: pause and ask yourself, "What is the business that makes my heart sing?"

If you go for the business that ignites your passion, you won't see competition - in fact, you probably won't even have competition! You'll be coming from the juice of the universe, rather than from the ego that can drive you crazy. I'm not sure how to explain it much better than that.

You know, I have written a dozen or more books, I have a best-selling program with Nightingale Conant, I live in a beautiful country estate out in the woods...I mean, I have a wonderful thing going for me. When people ask me, "How did you do this, what is your business secret?" I tell them, "All I have ever done is to follow my enthusiasm." As Joseph Campbell says, "Follow your bliss."

A while ago, I got interested in researching Bruce Barton, an advertising giant from the 1920s. Barton was a best-selling author in his time, but died in the 60s and was long since forgotten. Something within me compelled me to investigate him. It turned into a two-year journey that ended with my writing a book, The Seven Lost Secrets of Success - which has since become one of my most popular books. One network marketer loved the book so much, he bought 19,500 copies of it - one for every person in his downline!

Here's the thing: when I started that research, I didn't know I was going to write a book. I was simply following my passion. Look within yourself and ask, What really turns me on? How can I really serve people?" When you come from this totally giving, passionate, spiritual stance, the whole business world transforms for you.

In this day and age, it seems that would require a lot of courage from people.

People bring that up from time to time. "Boy, you have had a lot of courage to step out and do the things that you're doing - even to come out with a book called Spiritual Marketing." The truth is, I've simply followed my passion. I've never thought of it as courageous.

We all have an inner compass. When you're tuned into your own guidance system, you take the necessary risks without them being risks. You achieve the goals without the struggle: that inner guidance system finds the direct path. There's no courage involved: you are just living.

We all know where the rocky road is. I went up the rocky road of the mountain for 25 years, but then I found out there's an escalator over on the other side of the mountain. Now all I do is get on the escalator and glide to my goals. Occasionally, I fall off. I get bored being on the escalator and want to struggle for a little bit, but mostly, I just ride the escalator.

For some people this is a brand new thought. How do they access that inner guidance?

You have a guidance system that will keep you on track. Everyone does. You just need to get quiet and listen to it. If you're looking for a direct, immediate way to do that, listen to your own heartbeat. Turn off the telephone, the TV, the computer, the fax, everything that could distract you. Sit down and take the time to tune into yourself to such a crystal-clear, fine-tuned degree that you can hear your own heartbeat. Once you get to that place, you will start to feel the nudge within that says, "Do this, go in this direction."

If I could leave your readers with one single thought, it would be this: Create intentions throughout the day. Create an intention for your next telephone call, for your next sales meeting, for the week, for the month, for the year - for your life.
Does the beat of your wallet get in the way of your heartbeat?

Yes - there is the heartbeat of the soul and the heartbeat of the wallet. Two or three times in the last 20-some years I have taken jobs because of the large amounts of money that were dangled in front of me. I ignored the heartbeat that said, "Uh-uh, don't go there, red flag."

I later regretted it - every time. It wasn't worth it. I ended up either losing the money, or losing some health, or time, or energy. Or, I gained a lot of frustration and stress.

Every one of us has these little red flags that go off, little warning bells. They may be as subtle as our heartbeat, but we need to listen to them.

Joseph, when you start talking about spirituality and business in the same sentence, how do "real-world" business people listen to you? Do you get resistance?

I didn't release Spiritual Marketing to the public for the longest time, because I was concerned that the business world would not accept it - or more importantly, accept me. It was only because of Bob Proctor that the book ever came out.

I gave Bob an early hand-stapled copy of the book as a gift at one of his "Science of Getting Rich" seminars. When Bob introduced me, he started reading a list of all my titles. When he got to Spiritual Marketing I thought, "Oh, no, he's going to talk about it - I don't want people to know about that book yet." But he read the title - and I suddenly realized that everybody wanted the book. Some 60 people came up and said they would buy the book sight unseen; a publisher came up and said he would publish it sight unseen.

I quickly released the book. To my amazement, the public at large is receiving it with the most wide-open arms and heart. Go look in at one of my straight, conservative advertising books: you won't see any reviews. Look up Spiritual Marketing - and you'll find 70-some five-star reviews!

Occasionally I will hear from somebody who thinks the book is truly off the wall. But by and large, the reading public loves it. They tell me it's a breath of fresh air - it's like they have been waiting for it.

Networking Times has a sub-title: "Moving the Heart of Business." I take it you think you can take that one to the bank?

Absolutely, I love the concept. I didn't know about that, but that is perfect, that's appropriate, that's the whole message in a bottle.

Any last words, sir?

I want people to realize the power of their intentions. If people would realize that their word, their statements, their declaration molds and directs the energy of the universe, then they would realize they are phenomenally more powerful than they ever suspected.

If I could leave your readers with one single thought, it would be this: Create intentions throughout the day. Create an intention for your next telephone call, for your next sales meeting, for the week, for the month, for the year - for your life.