Is giving from a place of abundance inherent in our essential nature? A lot of network marketers seem to believe this is true. Architect and global visionary Buckminster Fuller certainly believed so; he taught that if all nations were to link utilities and power resources across all boundaries, we would have limitless, ongoing energy available for all.

Have you ever had the personal experience of coming together with a handful of people where everyone gave what each had to give? It's an incredibly joyful experience, filled with miracles and good will.

Is there any deeper satisfaction in life than being able to give from your heart to those causes and people you deeply care about?

In 1987, my friends' teenage son was killed in a car accident. For several days, a group of about six of us supported one another in our grief and prepared for the memorial service. With no thought for self, each focused only on the good of the family and the honoring of the deceased, we found ourselves in a blessed state of grace and awe. We shared everything we had with one another - food, clothing articles, resources...whatever was needed was generously brought forth. The outcome was miraculous: everything unfolded smoothly in a highly orchestrated, effortless way. I was keenly aware that I was living in "Narnia" or some reality out of my normal dimension of time and space. We had created a magical state, brought about by our moving beyond our own needs and concerns to be of greater service.

This was most Americans' response to 9-11. People everywhere gave everything we knew to give. It happens in crises of all kinds: when we learn anyone we care about is in need, the first words out of our mouths are, "How can I help?" How much more powerful to create that reality in our everyday mode - and in our very profession!

Why are philanthropic projects such a big part of network marketing? I think it is because innately we are "giving machines." When we're in our hearts, coming from our most natural, essential self, giving is what we naturally choose to do.

When we begin to earn the large and even enormous amounts of money that are available through network marketing, it's natural that we look for ways to give to the larger whole. It's who we are in our hearts.

Is there any deeper satisfaction in life than being able to give from your heart to those causes and people you deeply care about? Pay attention during this season of giving and see where your greater satisfaction lies: does it feel better to receive a gift or giving one?

As network marketers, we get to participate in a business where service to one another is leveraged into generous rewards, which in turn allow us to create a better world for everyone. What a blessing!

Marion Culhane is on the Board of
Directors of Gabriel Media Group, publishers of Networking