Tipping Point

Breaking the Rules
Removing the Obstacles to Effortless High Performance

By Kurt Wright

Breaking the Rules is about life purpose, relationships, mentor-coaching - and asking right questions. Have you ever approached a challenge or problem by asking, "What's wrong?" Says Kurt Wright, that's really the wrong question. What are the "Wright" questions?

What do I know is already right? (The agenda-setting question.) What is it that makes it right? (The energy generating question.) What would be ideally right? (The vision-building question.) What's not quite yet right? (The gap-defining question.) What resources can I find to make it right? (The action-engaging question.)

Does asking the "right" questions really make a difference? Kurt used them to turn in an 18-month-late project with 400 software engineers facing $30 million in penalties - on time and $15 million under budget, for a $45 million payoff! It works.

Hardcover, 305 pages; $23.95; CPM Publishing

Conversations With Millionaires

Reflections of a Master

By Frank Keefer

You can judge this book by its cover. Frank Keefer, Networking Times' Publisher Emeritus, is a card-carrying master. Once upon a time Green Beret and Army Ranger, Fortune 50 executive, world-class parachutist, scuba and mountain-climbing instructor, black belt and network marketing leader with 13 millionaires in his organization, "The Captain" has been and done what most of us will only experience in the movies.

Frank can push you out of a plane and hold your heart in his hands - sometimes in the same story! John Fogg wrote in his endorsement that Frank Keefer is "an inspiration," that's true. But what Keefer really wants is for all of us to be inspirations, too.

Hardcover, 121 pages, $19.95 Proteus Press.

Conversations With Millionaires

The E-Myth Revisited
Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It

By Michael Gerber

Are you working in your networking business, or on it? Michael Gerber asks and answers that question in his best-selling business classic The E-Myth. The "E" stands for "entrepreneur." Says Gerber, most people who own their own business are "working for a crazy person" - someone who has suffered from an "entrepreneurial seizure." Gerber wants you to begin to look at your business as if it were a franchise - no matter what business model you're using. Do this, Gerber asserts, and you'll create a business so well-structured and systematic in its day-to-day operation, it actually runs itself.

Gerber is a no-B.S., slam-the-nail-on-the-head business guru. Flippant (to a fault) and funny, he slays sacred cows and murders the myths of conventional business-building. If you think it might be fun to see how you can make your networking business run like McDonalds - and be that successful, too - a visit to The E-Myth Revisited is just for you.

Paperback, 288 pages, $16.00; Harperbusiness; updated edition (April 1995).