Global Prosperity Through a Philanthropic Economy." This is a statement of our belief in a way of doing business. Its foundation is simply this: our universe holds limitless potential energy.

As our civilization evolved, we periodically discovered creative ways to mine that resource for the joint individual and collective benefit - fire, the wheel, aqueducts, electricity, solar energy.

In contrast, today's newspapers chronicle story after story of behaviors enacted in the interests not of the collective, but of a much smaller group and, indeed, at the expense of the balance of society. With a wink and a nod, officials, who clearly know better (or certainly ought to) seem to overlook the blatantly obvious - perhaps because, "Everybody was doing it."? The financial markets have taken on the look of a rigged carnival game even as the general public questioned its purported fairness.

This unsustainable appropriation of society's largesse has been orchestrated by a relatively small group of insiders. Without serious consequence, these individuals' self-serving behavior expanded largely unchecked - until it has finally become so egregious that its impact on our society can no longer be ignored. One by one, the multiple houses of cards are coming tumbling down.

What comes next? Awareness. As the ripple effect of every action manifests in the interconnected web of life, our society integrates the experience and evolves. We learn that by working together for the collective best interests, we can reverse direction, create a new plan, forge a new outcome. We can construct a new economic order where the present and future needs of our society are addressed more fully. Why not make this new economic template an economic order where no one is left out?

Gabriel Media Group, Inc. the publishers of Networking Times, believe in the power of our vision for Global Prosperity Through a Philanthropic Economy to precipitate and catalyze this change.

As a constructive indication of our commitment toward this world vision, the company will support the launch of a non-profit world peace foundation.

We will contribute five percent of every dollar of sales toward this cause.

We will build, serve and maintain a web presence without cost to the foundation.

Furthermore, we will create and maintain the infrastructure for the foundation - again, at no cost to the non-profit.

We are doing this to make a statement, serve as an example and testify to the power of our belief. If not we, who? If not now, when?

Let's create yet another example of Margaret Mead's marvelous observation: "Never doubt the ability of a small group of thoughtful, committed people to change the world." Join our community, spread the word. Together we will make a difference in these networking times.

Chris Gross
is CEO and Chairman of Gabriel Media Group, Inc.,
publishers of Networking Times.