Imagine waking up today and instead of asking yourself, "What do I need to do today?" you ask youself, "What [or who] do I need to be today?"

If you plant an apple seed, what type of tree do you expect to grow? If you plant an orange seed, what type of tree do you expect to grow from that? You don’t expect an apple tree to grow from an orange seed, do you? Why not? Because it’s the type of seed you start with that determines what grows.

If you aren’t abundant today, you can bet that you won’t be in the future, either—no matter how much money you make.

Last issue, I introduced you to the Do-Have-Be mode of operation most of us have known all of our lives. In this approach, we think we need to do something in order to have something in order to be abundant or successful. The difficulty with this approach is that being abundant or successful is something that will occur in the future—which automatically implies that we are not abundant or successful today.

In the Do-Have-Be approach, your starting point is scarcity. If scarcity is your starting point—in other words, the seed you’re planting—what can you expect to grow? You got it: scarcity. No matter how much money you make or what level in your compensation plan you achieve or how big your downline becomes! It’s just like wearing the “red sunglasses” I mentioned several issues ago: when you wear them, all you can see is “red.”

If you want to grow an “abundance tree,” then it’s essential that you start with an “abundance seed.” Your starting point must be abundance. This can only happen if you shift your mode of operation to the Be-Have-Do formula I covered last issue.

To Be, or Not To Be

In the Be-Have-Do approach, the doing or the taking of action is merely a response to or an expression of the abundance already within and around you. Using this approach, it’s likely you’ll find that you do not procrastinate, nor do you become overwhelmed as much by all that needs to be done. You’ll probably find that you actually get a lot more done than you did when you thought you needed to do these things in order to be abundant or successful.

How can you use the “focus principle” and the Be-Have-Do principle to empower yourself to be in action—especially consistent action? Even more powerfully, how can you use it to free yourself from the tyranny of your To-Do list?

It begins by recognizing some of the universal qualities and characteristics that are congruent with and support authentic abundance—in a networking business and in all areas of your life. These qualities include but are not limited to:


Now, imagine waking up today and instead of asking yourself, “What do I need to do today?” you asked yourself, “What [or who] do I need to be today?” Then, in response to that question, what if you created a list of the abundance qualities you were going to focus on being, instead of a list of all the things that you need to do?

If you decided that you were going to focus on being courageous in your business today, what type of actions would that require? I’m going to bet it would include many of the same actions typically on your “To Do” list, e.g., making prospecting calls, making follow up calls, asking for help, etc.

If you decided to focus on being disciplined in your business, some of the similar actions may be required. Actions like making phone calls, replying to emails, sending follow-up materials. It may also include actions like clearing off and organizing your desktop at the end of the day or entering your expenses into your accounting software.

Like Attracts Like

As you continue focusing on being creative, effective, grateful, etc., note that you are still getting done the things that need getting done. The difference is, now the process of taking these actions is all about being courageous, creative, disciplined, etc. These actions are simply a way of you expressing and expanding upon the qualities of abundance within you—qualities you may not have recognized before until you began to focus on them!

Which is going to empower you more, the idea of making phone calls or the idea of being courageous? The idea of organizing your desk or the idea of being effective?

Remember, the “focus principle” states that “whatever we focus on the most is what will show up.” Thus, if you focus on doing, what will show up? More doing!

Conversely, if you focus on being—especially being abundant—what will show up? More being abundant!

T. Harv Eker, one of my mentors and abundance coaches, teaches that “where attention goes, energy flows and results show.” If you focus on or give attention to being courageous, creative, disciplined, etc., then energy will flow in that direction in the form of action. Action, of course, will directly impact your results.

Start applying the “focus principle” and the “Be-Have-Do” approach to the qualities of abundance. Instead of creating a “To Do” list each day, create a “To Be” list—and then notice how your energy flows and your results begin to show!

TERESA ROMAIN is founder of Access Abundance
an organization dedicated to helping people access greater levels of abundance,
freedom and fulfillment in their daily lives. She lives with her husband Dan in
the small town of Baraboo, Wisconsin.