The late Dr. Kenneth McFarland of Kentucky was famous for his rousing, inspirational speeches. A line he repeated frequently became lodged in my mind: “All things are possible if the motivation is strong enough.” Conversely, I’m sure you will agree, very little of any importance will happen in the life of the individual who is not motivated. When the question is asked, “What’s motivation got to do with it?,” I believe the correct answer is: everything!

There’s no trick to staying motivated today with the tools that we have available. Cassettes, CDs and DVDs with mind-expanding messages are at our fingertips. However, these messages will prove to be no more than interesting information without a specific target to shoot at, a goal, something you really want.

You don’t have to know how to reach the goal. You must know that you will reach it.

Realize that nothing is created or destroyed; everything you require is already here, if not on one frequency, then on another. And you and I think on frequencies. The frequency we have been thinking on has produced our present results. The information that will lead us to our goal is on a higher frequency. Motivational recordings will turn your mental dial and tune you into the ideas that will take you, step by step, to your chosen destination.

In the early 1960s, I drove around Toronto holding a small portable record player that was powered by two flashlight batteries, playing Earl Nightingale’s recording of The Strangest Secret over and over again. It was the repetition of listening to that message, day in and day out, that changed the conditioning that had been controlling my life. That small record player now sits on a bookshelf in Gary Chappell’s office (Gary is Executive Vice President of the Nightingale-Conant Corporation).

Today we just have to hit a button in our automobile and a lifetime of research from some brilliant individual pours into our marvelous mind. It was the genius of Earl Nightingale, coupled with the vision and business acumen of Lloyd Conant, that turned motivation into an industry. They made it easy for you and me to stay motivated, as we move from one meaningful goal to the next. By listening to motivational recordings every day you will neutralize the negativity that surrounds you, enabling you to focus on the beauty and abundance that is omnipresent…which brings us back to Ken McFarland.

All things are possible, if the motivation is strong enough.

Bob Proctor is Publisher of Networking Times.
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