One of the things that appealed to me most about network marketing when I first got involved was that in this business, you achieve success only by helping others achieve success.

That, however, is easier said than done. Exactly how are you supposed to teach others to achieve the success that you haven’t yet achieved yourself?

“Utilize the success and the credibility of your upline.” Okay; I learned to do that—but still saw limited results. It was frustrating. A few people followed my example and grew. A few. Most got in and then quit (or simply did nothing) when they didn’t get rich overnight. I kept asking, Why? Why is it that a very few do it, and most don’t?

Something told me that there was no such thing as “born winners” and “born losers”—that everyone had the potential to achieve success here. I read, went to seminars and listened to tapes on the principles of success, searching for answers.

For three years I had limited success in network marketing. However, during those same three years, as I applied the success principles I was learning to my traditional business, I tripled my income in my “real job”! Something had happened. I had changed.

As I began to witness my own success, I soon started building my networking business with a new level of confidence. Finally, my business started to grow. I focused on teaching the principles of success to my downline and they began to grow also.

Over time I realized the meaning of what had happened to me: if you give a $100,000-per-year opportunity to a person with a $30,000-per- year self-image, they will earn only $30,000 per year with it. We never out-earn our self-concept.

If you seek to help someone succeed, you must first get that person to understand and believe that he has unlimited potential—that he is not defined by what he is currently earning. Once you’ve accomplished that, you can teach anyone all the skill sets necessary to achieve whatever level of success he desires.

This realization led me to begin helping people work to expand their identities, change their limiting beliefs, believe in themselves and others, overcome their past conditioning, acquire accurate information and focus on what was important to them in life.

The more I helped people build themselves, the more their businesses grew. The more I helped people become successful, the more successful I became. By applying these principles—focusing on helping others succeed—we were able to build a global marketing organization of over 500,000 distributors.

That’s how I got hooked on contribution. That’s why I became addicted to helping others achieve success in their lives. This is a key principle of success: the more you give, the more you get—the principle of sowing and reaping.

CARLOS MARIN is a network marketing veteran,
both as a field leader and corporate founder/CEO.
His organization generated annual sales in excess of
half a billion dollars.