If what you want is to build a successful, long-term, residual-income-generating networking empire, then you will need to attract, inspire, motivate, empower and keep a large group of people, all doing something they would not normally do.

What that requires, in a word, is leadership. How large your group is and will be ten years from now will depend a great deal on who you are as a leader.

A powerful leader:

…has a vision, usually an uncommon vision and one well communicated, one that contributes to others and inspires their participation.

…listens to others. A leader listens to both the said and the unsaid; a leader hears what the speaker is feeling. Such listening honors others; it may even heal them.

…has courage. A leader has the courage to do what others are afraid to do—and does it often. Leaders produce; they lead by example.

…is a coach. A coach moves us to do things we would not do on our own, to reach higher, go just one more step, one more day—to dig deep for that last bit of oomph. A coach also helps us see what we may not see about our circumstances, our opportunities, ourselves.

…is trusted, respected and admired. People will follow someone they feel has their best interests at heart. They want to know their leader is above pettiness, insecurity, greed, selfishness or acts of unkindness. We want our leaders to be who we aspire to be!

Are you right now who you need to be to lead your way to your vision? If not (and I trust that the answer for all of us is not), then how do you get there? Personal development.

Like weight training, sports training or spelling bee training, you will not accomplish your goals simply by repeating harder or more often who you already are. You cannot win the spelling bee by spelling words wrong more often or with more enthusiasm. You need to grow.

There is no shame in not being today who we need to be. Everyone grows. But growth with intention, commitment and a purpose will produce more transformation in just a few years than most people will see in 50.

You cannot sell your way to greatness in this industry. You can attract your way to it.

RICHARD BROOKE is a veteran network marketer
and author of
Mach II With Your Hair on Fire!