Last issue, I spoke about an important distinction: that of expanding your understanding of vision to include your “internal vision.” No matter how abundant a picture you create for yourself—say, by creating a Treasure Map, or with a written vision statement—scarcity will still
You are involved in a business that provides an incredible opportunity for you to have abundance in your life … but here’s the catch. Far too often, your internal vision of scarcity will trap you into thinking that abundance is something that will occur in the future.
be the result if your internal vision is one of scarcity. If your internal vision is one of limitation, “not enough” and scarcity, then your external reality will be the same—no matter how much or little money you make, no matter where you live or what you do.

You are involved in a business that provides an incredible opportunity for you to have abundance in your life … but here’s the catch. Far too often, your internal vision of scarcity will trap you into thinking that abundance is something that will occur in the future. The catch is, that automatically implies that you are not abundant today. We’re back to your internal vision of scarcity. Here’s the truth: if you are not abundant today, you can bet that you won’t be in the future, either—no matter how much money you make.

The Tyranny of “Do”

Like most of us in Western culture, you probably have the conscious or unconscious belief that in order to be abundant, you have to do something. In fact, the general “formula” most of us know for abundance is that we have to do something in order to have something so that we can be abundant.

In networking businesses, this formula might sound like this: “I need to do the things it takes: make phone calls, send prospecting kits, go to trainings, work hard and sponsor people. If I do these things, I will have more customers, more people in my downline, more sales, and more commissions—a residual income. Then, I will be abundant.”

The problem with this formula is that it seems like the “doing” stuff is never done—and we never quite seem to get to the having or being. The doing is never enough; we may even feel guilty because there’s still so much to do.

Sound familiar? Focusing your efforts, energy, and attention on the doing first is a set-up for scarcity; it will never bring abundance. The only thing that ever results from scarcity, which is the exact opposite of abundance, is more scarcity!

How can you change this set-up for scarcity in your business and your life? It’s actually quite simple (not always the same thing as easy). You must first be abundant; then you will have opportunities, contacts, possibilities, connections, ideas, interest in your business, etc. The natural response to these opportunities is to do what’s called for, to take action. This cycle of Be-Have-Do continues, expanding your abundance in the process.

What You See Is What You Be

“Okay—but how do I go about being abundant despite the circumstances of my present situation?”

Great question; it all begins with what you see. It begins with your internal vision.

Consider the following:


What did you see? Was it the phrase “I am nowhere” or “I am now here”?

Notice the difference in energy and self-empowerment you feel when you focus on “I am nowhere,” versus “I am now here.” The first disempowers you—even paralyzes you—because it is focused on scarcity. The second empowers and supports you to take actions that support your business and abundance. The only thing that changed is what you saw. To put it differently, what changed was your focus.

One of the oldest success principles tells us that whatever you focus your minds upon is what will show up in your life. Thus, if your mind is consistently focused on “not enough” when it comes to your business (and your life), scarcity is what will continue to appear!

Quite simply, this implies that if you no longer want scarcity, it starts with a change of focus. You need to remove the “red sunglasses” I mentioned last issue and shift your internal vision.

Journaling Abundance

One of the simplest and most powerful ways to do so is by keeping an Abundance Journal. This is most effective if you do it on a regular basis; daily is by far the best. It will take no more than 10 minutes a day—and will begin to retrain the focus of your thoughts from scarcity to abundance. In other words, it will start to change what you see.

Some time each day, write the following sentence in a journal or your day-planner:

Today I am grateful for….

Then record ten responses that complete the sentence—just ten, no more and no fewer! Then write the following sentence:

Today I acknowledge or praise myself for….

Again, record exactly ten responses to complete the sentence. You can record entries that relate to your networking business, to life in general, or to both.

Gratitude entries train you to see the abundance you already have in your life—and within yourself. This starts the process of transforming your inner vision from one of scarcity to one of abundance.

Abundance comes only as a result of action, so take action today! Start keeping an Abundance Journal and transforming your internal vision to one that supports and empowers abundance.

Teresa Romain is founder of Access Abundance
an organization dedicated to helping people access greater levels
of abundance, freedom and fulfillment in their daily lives.
She lives with her husband Dan in the small town of Baraboo, Wisconsin.