Tipping Point

Tipping Point
How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

By Malcom Gladwell

The best way to understand the dramatic transformation of unknown books into bestsellers, or the rise of teenage smoking, or the phenomena of word of mouth [emphasis added] or any number of the other mysterious changes that mark everyday life, writes Malcolm Gladwell in The Tipping Point, is to think of them as epidemics. Ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread just like viruses do. Shades of Seth Godin! This could be a bible for network marketers no, change that: it IS a bible for network marketers. It is flat out one of the best network marketing business books ever.

The tipping point refers to that point where a contagious disease explodes and becomes an epidemic. Starting with that vivid image, Gladwell weaves science (read: scientific proof) with anecdotes, clear and simple explanations, and wonderful examples, such as the resurgence of Hush Puppies; what made Sesame Street (and later Blues Clues) TV hits; and how Paul Revere was three epidemic creators all in one (a maven, salesman and connectorall three are Gladwell-isms well just have to let you read about).

For students of network marketing and other smart people, The Tipping Point is fresh, innovative and funprofitable learning at its very best.

Hardcover, 279 pages, $24.95; Little Brown & Company; ISBN: 0316316962.