Play To Win

Play to Win

Choosing Growth Over Fear

By Larry Wilson
Reviewed by Steve Siebold

This is Larry Wilson at his best—and considering that many personal development gurus consider Wilson a giant among the giants, that’s saying something.

Play to Win addresses the classic battle that rages within the heart and mind of every great performer: the choice to play it safe, risk as little as possible, and hope for a win by default—or the champion’s choice: roll the dice, accept the risks, and go for it. It’s the difference between playing to win—and playing not to lose. Wilson explains that the first option is a strategy designed to avoid failure at all costs, and the second is to look failure straight in the face and declare, “I cannot fail… I can only learn and grow.”

This book could be subtitled Cognitive Psychology Made Fun, because Wilson delves into the mind and what really makes us tick with a wonderful sense of humor. Chapter 9, “Stop, Challenge and Choose,” is alone worth 10 times the cover price.

Play to Win is motivational, inspirational and practical. The author examines the mental complexities of personal and professional performance in a simple and easy-to-read style. The book was awarded Forward magazine’s prestigious Business Book of the Year Award—and I’m not surprised. I couldn’t put it down.

It’s one of those rare works that you want to read over and over again so you don’t miss the subtle pieces of wisdom in between the major lessons. The only negative about this book is that it’s not available on CD or audiocassette.

This book should be mandatory reading for every serious network marketer.

Hardcover, 231 pages
$24.95; Bard Press.

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