What's your vision for your business? For that matter, what's your vision for your life? I'd be willing to bet that your vision--whether captured in a "Treasure Map," written down or simply in your mind--is one filled with abundance.
What would the world look like if you wore red sunglasses? Everything you could see would be tinged red, right? Could it be that you--the internal vision you--are wearing scarcity-tinted sunglasses?

Your own vision of abundance may include images of the house in which you'll be living or car you'll be driving, the places to which you'll travel, the lifestyle you'll lead, the time and money you'll be able to spend with and on your friends and family, the people you'll help, the skills and abilities you'll develop... the possibilities are endless. Network marketing is an opportunity to gain access to extraordinary levels of abundance.

How ironic to find that for many networkers, the reality-- in their businesses and in other areas of their lives--is one of scarcity!

Wired for Scarcity

What do I mean by "scarcity"? Scarcity is a disempowering reaction (conscious or subconscious) to a perception of "not enough." That "not enough" perception may be experienced in terms of money, time, energy, health, fun, or self-image-- it's all the same thing.

Most of us have been "wired" for scarcity from an early age. We've been told, "careful, you might run out," that "money doesn't grow on trees," that "oh, we don't have the money for that." Commercials tell us that we can't have enough in life until we have product X or service Y. We look at all that we have accomplished in a day--and see only what we haven't done.

Let's say you're making $15,000 a month--but it's still not enough for all you want to do for yourself and others. Or, you're making $1500 a month, and it's not enough to do your business full-time or be financially free. Or you're making $300 a month--and think that you'll never make enough in this business to have the freedom and abundance you desire. "What good is $300-- when I need to be earning $3000?"

Regardless of the financial level, you've been disempowered by your perception of scarcity, preventing you from seeing new possibilities, discovering new paradigms, and learning new ways to realize the abundance you seek. For example, if you are convinced that the only way to reach your dreams is by having your business earn $3000 per month, and you are currently earning only $300, your "not enough" thinking may keep you from discovering ways that $300, used powerfully and abundantly, could create the financial freedom and abundance you desire! (See sidebar.)

Are You Wearing Sunglasses?

What to do? You've been taught to look at or read your vision every day--and you're doing that. You're working hard in your business; you're doing all the "right" things.

Still, the results are less than you'd hoped for. Perhaps you are no closer to having the results you've envisioned than when you began.

Is it because something is "wrong," with you or your opportunity? Is it because you're not "cut out" for the networking business? Do you need to change your vision-- maybe not dream quite so big?

Most likely, the answer is, "No." Instead, you may need to expand your understanding of vision. Webster's New World Dictionary defines the word "vision" as, among other things, "the power of seeing." Your "internal vision" is what you see.

What would the world look like if you wore red sunglasses? Everything you could see would be tinged red, right? Most things are not actually red-colored--but they would look red to you.

Could it be that you--the internal vision you--are wearing scarcity-tinted sunglasses?

No matter what you dream of having or actually have in your life, you still "see" it as being "red," i.e., scarcity or "not enough." You see (pun intended), if your internal vision is one of limitation, "not enough" and scarcity, your external reality will be the same--no matter how much or how little money you earn, no matter where you live or what you do.

If you are ready to access more abundance in your business and your life, it begins with your vision--that is, it begins with what you see.

Do you see yourself and each situation through the disempowering sunglasses of limitation and "not enough"--or in a way that empowers you and your abundance? Start looking for the abundance that's already in your life!

Teresa Romain is founder of Access Abundance
An organization dedicated to helping people access
greater levels of abundance, freedom and fulfillment in their daily lives.
She lives with her husband Dan in the small town of Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Did You Know That...?

  • If you had an $80,000, 30-year mortgage, a $10,000 car loan, and $3800 in credit card debt, you could be completely debt-free (including the mortgage) in eight years and five months by using $300 each month in a powerful new way?
  • In doing so, you would save more than $100,000 in interest?
  • You could then create more than $1.2 million in investments, earning you $10,000 each month in interest, in the time it would have taken you to pay off your mortgage the traditional way?