Does the thought of marketing your business drive you to chocolate? If "getting the word out" makes you feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed, you're not alone. In my work coaching over 1,000 men and women during the last three years I've discovered big differences between men and women and how they handle the challenges that marketing throws at every small business.


Did you know women are starting businesses at four times the rate of men and now employ more people than the Fortune 500 combined? But businesses owned by women are often still not taken seriously. In my forthcoming book, "Testosterone-Free Marketing: Secrets Why 'Old Boys' Marketing Doesn't Work for Women" I discuss why marketing makes many women uneasy and what to do about it. Many women don't market their businesses pro-actively resulting in less success and less financial freedom.

Did you dream of a life of ease when you started your home-based business only to struggle to cover your bills every month? It happens a lot. Women start a home-based business to have more time with their families and often their income drops dramatically. It doesn't have to be this way. Effective marketing that works with your style as a woman...