Webster's defines a mentor as a "wise advisor, a teacher or coach". How important is it to find a mentor? Can you be successful without one? I am sure that you can be successful without a mentor, but the importance of a mentor should not be discounted. A good mentor can shorten your trip to success and keep you in the game when times get tough. As I look back on my life, aside from my parents, there were three people who made the difference in the direction that my life took and without them I am not sure I would have had the success that I have had.

When I left high school teaching and entered the investment business, the gentleman who was the office manager at the time became my mentor. He was the most successful person in that office and I realized quickly that if I could do what he did, I could have the same success. Jerry was a great mentor. He taught, encouraged and when necessary gave me the constructive criticism I needed. He taught me the investment business, but more important, he taught me