While looking at a townhouse I mentioned to the real estate agent that I understood the price per square foot was running around $300 as an average for all the units in the complex. (This information was given to me two evening's before by friends who live there. It was based on a 'recent' sale).

The agent responded immediately, "$300? Oh no! You're looking at least at $400 a square foot." I have no doubt she thought she meant well when she said this. However, by telling me I was wrong, she effectively distanced herself and with one sentence, lost me!

Why? Most people don't like being told they are wrong. And I'm no different. It can conjure up earlier memories of places like school, where the reward was based on getting an answer right, not for the bravery of attempting to answer a question.

What's really sad is, she didn't know she lost me. And this happens probably tens of thousands of time every day in sales transactions. Think of the waste.

Ask yourself if you might have 'lost' a lot of people...