When Brian Carruthers graduated from college, he joined his father's large and profitable real estate business. With dozens of offices and over a billion dollars a year in sales, the business offered Brian a great opportunity to work with family (his brother was in the business, too) and earn a serious income at the same time. He soon moved from selling houses into management and opening new offices. He was good at it--but he was working seven days a week.

A year later, a college friend introduced Brian to network marketing--a friend making $18,000 a year in social work. Brian didn't think much of what he heard. A few months later, his friend showed up in a new Mercedes--and that caught Brian's attention.

"I thought, 'What in the world is going on? He's making $18K a year, I'm making $60K--and he's got the new Mercedes?!' He explained his business and I was bitten by the bug."