I know that in Network Marketing Sales, "the only way to fail is to quit." But I'm having trouble convincing the people in my Network about that. How do I get them to stay involved long enough to start seeing some success?

This is one of those truly great "Great Questions" that comes up again and again, and there are lots of great ways to answer it. Making sure your people are motivated by helping them stay clear on what their own personal goals are . . . making sure they have the tools they need and know how to use them . . . making sure their efforts are supported by three-way calls and meetings until they've got their "sea legs" securely under them--all these are sound approaches.

But there's another answer--one that's perhaps more basic and essential. Let's take a nuts-'n'-bolts, run-the-numbers, practical look at the conditions you've got to create for your people to get involved and stay involved.

There are two things which prevent most Network Marketers from achieving success...