Albert Camus, a famous author and philosopher, once applied names to the previous centuries. He named the seventeenth century as the century of math. The eighteenth was the century of physical. The nineteenth was the century of biology. Then, he shocked the public by naming the twentieth century the century of fear.

Along with this bold statement, came that of philosopher and poet, W.H. Auden. He called our time, "The Age of Anxiety."

Newspaper columnist Ann Landers was once asked, "Out of all the thousands of letters you receive each month, what problem is most dominate in people's lives?"

"It's fear!" she replied without hesitation. "People live in bondage with their fear. They're afraid of losing their wealth. They're afraid of losing their loved ones. They're afraid of being themselves. They're afraid of growing up and being responsible. They're afraid of life itself!"

What about you? What fear, hidden or known, is affecting your behavior and keeping you from living your dreams?